Most Depraved Arrser 2006

Most Depraved Arrser?

  • MDN

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  • Dale

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  • Aunty Stella

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  • Birdy

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  • Convoy_Cock

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  • Bernoulli

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  • Crabby, on account of what he does in the shower

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  • the_crimp_off

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  • Smoojalooge

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  • Geordie_Blerk

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Alright, you know the deal. Basically I've completely ripped off Crabby's idea. But the poll he made did not contain certain Arrsers who need to be taken into account.

Edit: If your absolute favorite isn't on the list, post their name and give a damn fine example of their work.
For instance, Trickywoo doesn't appear on the list. neither does Filthyphil, both however, need to be castrated to avoid any further breeding.

Not that it matters, after what he did to the nun MDN will get a white-wash again anyway.
You can only have so many poll options, so in the interest of fairness I kept the people with the most votes from the last poll. Dale got the second highest amount.
Is this a competition by those selected to try and become voted the most depraved arrser? or to avoid it? new medal block for most depraved arrser? prizes? Do we have a closing date for this Poll or is it going to run forever? Can we have proof of depravitiy posted for example pictures, police statements, vets bills, newpaper articles etc?
You've always got to find something to bitch about haven't you? I was too busy getting a gnosh from the blind kid across the road when I started the poll to notice I'd forgotten to add a closing date. But, how about the 1st of June, to announce the winner?

Medal block? I suppose I'll ask one of the CO's if Crabby didn't already do it. Or you Phantom you goody-goody git.
You bunch of b@st@rds! Call yourselves gentlemen? I've sh@t better! No one has mentioned Cait! Better described as the thinking mans' crumpet, Duchess of Depravity, Baroness of Bestiality. I regularly force my wife to read her posts while flogging her with a cat o' nine tails, screaming "Why can't you be like that, you fcuking sow."
Shut it Phil, you're just upset that you were removed from the list, and are hiding behind a badly woven veil of indignation about Cait.

P.s I bloody forgot, and it cant be edited now.
OK, but shouldnt the nominated come on and state their reasons why they should be voted "ARRSEs most depraved". After reading some of MDN antics I dont think hes that depraved.

I'm remaining impartial of course but who could forget this gem by Geordie_Blerk with regards to the correct way to administer anal-loving:
Give 'em a whack around the skull with a 3 lb lump hammer, just as foreplay you understand and to lighten the mood. As for lubrication use hot sand, after a couple of seconds there should be more than enough blood to lube the way.
My personal preference is to give brown love and not receive unlike the heroes in blue serge who enjoy the same time........whilst wearing leather studded caps........and singing Erasure power ballads.
sandmanfez said:
DozyBint said:
Dale? She's not depraved!
You either have very low standards DB, or Dale has neglected to mention her Gurkha bukakke coffee mornings and pet-swap suppers.
Now I know why Dale has been so keen on taking phantom dog for "walks", It also explains his sudden excitement when he goes out on these little jaunts. I wondered why he was unusually tired too.
sandmanfez said:
DozyBint said:
Dale? She's not depraved!
You either have very low standards DB, or Dale has neglected to mention her Gurkha bukakke coffee mornings and pet-swap suppers.
You are a sick, sick man. Good drills!
I think you missed off Goku though, his post about the use of snot to aid lubrication during masturbation takes some beating if you'll excuse the pun. The section warning against getting crusties caught behind one's hood made me retch which was a first for this site.

crabby said:
I'm slightly worried I'm 4th!!! I'm nice really
I'm not worried as I'm 2nd, not that it counts for fcuk all as it's only a poxy internet poll. You should be worried though Crabby as you virtually admitted that you want a pre-pubescent schoolboys' erection in your mouth.

Mmmm, salty and tangy but be careful when you're "salt and peppering" his walnut whip as their immature foreskins have a tendency to split.

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