Most deployed regiment

The 13th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment.

These guys have been getting deployed since the American civil war.

When I was in Bosnia, we had a company assigned to us and used them for cleaning gun barrels (and mouse catching). They were a great bunch of lads, also they didn't need to eat much so we gave the extra rations to some of the starving kids we used to pass on the way to Vitez/Gornji Vakuf and other places.
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What infantry regiment gets deployed the most around the world on operations
Which not what. The answer is 'Them'. The forking RLC posties get everywhere.


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'What Infantry' - is that a Welsh regiment?
The OP seems to be making a mere statement, as there is no indication of it being a question.....


Over how many years? I'm sure Pontius Pilate's Body Guard would give others a run for their money once the bar closed.


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Yes, the infantry bit is a bit of a sickener. On most deployments there is normally a sapper rep. Improperly dressed and half cut but there nevertheless.
I recently read Bullet Magnet. About a guy who served in the Blues & Royals. He has been everywhere - Falklands, Norn Ireland, Gulf, Bosnia, Afghan, Iraq. All with his own regiment. Not on attachment to another mob.
Remember, they only have one regiment. Not like some infantry mobs with up to 3 regular battalions, and two or 3 reserve.



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It's like adultery. But much less fun.


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11 EOD&S Regt RLC.
More likely 29 Regt RLC…

ETA: just seen the Infantry tag, so it has to be anything that has the support of HRH Nick Carter.
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The 1st Volunteer Emergency Reserve Yeomanry Grenadier Lancer Auxiliary Motorised Squadron (Special ARRSE Service). Known universally as the VERY GLAMS (SAS).
Oops, I missed the ‘infantry’ in the question.

Sorry, 11 EOD is not infantry, it usual works in front of them.

As the definition is soldiers trained and equipped to fight on foot - I think you can reasonably claim that.

Of course it wouldnt be Arrse if someone didnt try to provoke outrage or lower the bar or stretch a deinition further so should the title thus not go to REME
The Royal Navy.


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The RAF Regiment :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(I can't believe no one got this one in!)


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The Loamshires shurely?

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