Most days out on the pi$$ continuously

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by supermatelot, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Who has the record for surviving the greatest number of days/nights out on the piss?
    My record is 26,was in '96 when I was a sprog and acheived a 100% attendance record at Jesters nightclub for that period.During that time I had my nose broken once,"liberated" 6 SKY remotes from houses of women who I entertained at night,barred from several pubs (one barmaid miffed with lack of SKY remote),grand-slammed in the mess,achieved the hallowed £3000 overdraft limit due to bouncing cheques in the naafi and Lloyds just increasing it,managed to turn up onboard one morning dressed as a "one musketeer" and due to the eyebrows raised when I failed to get out of that rig I got my leave stopped.


    Suffered from kidney stones infrequently ever since,had to attend a mandatory 3 day basket weaving alco course in pompey,had to do the moonwalk out of many pubs ever since due to birds not being sympathetic to my SKY remote shennanigans and was put on the shit-list of most birds in Plymouth as a result.

    All of the above was acheived whilst still turning up for work in the morning and doing a day's work until the musketeer fancy dress incident.On the weaving course it was highly embarrassing to be the only one who was there,amongst people who had turned to drink for real life crisis,as the only one there for insisting on turning up for harbour stations wearing tights and a wide brimmed hat.

    Anyone beat that?Im sure someone can!
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I did a 7 month, summer tour, in Split once. If that counts.
  3. Ah...Slivovitz!
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer


    Wot a tour.
  5. October 1984 - February 1985 got drunk on the boat on the way down to the Falklands and sobered up (a bit) on the boat on the way back up just in time to go to the welcome back pishup.

    Good job I was pished as the wife had moved house and not told me.
  6. lol......I get pissed everytime i have a drink....Light weight (means-I have one glass and am gone)

    And yes you guessed it I am a woman

    Smile x
  7. Native "jungle juice" at RAF Kuching..Sarawak..1969...knocked out RNAZ pilots for a whole week....
  8. Split Rear...aaah Slipper City!
  9. But a worthy place to go out (Trogir or Split town) for a bit of a rest and to let your hair down when down from some of the worse bits of the 90's "Yugotours". Karlovacko or Jadransko Pivo and Sliv.... milk of amnesia.
  10. I went out for the weekend once.
  11. Fancy a shag?
  12. Smooth talking barsteward.

    Worth a try though.

  13. Hang on, your sig line says you're a which one is it?

    Woman? Geordie?

    I suppose GSB's more likely to get his shag than I am to get a BJ after that!