Most Dangerous path in the world - Spain


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Compared to some of the mountain paths in Nepal that are not on the tourist trails thats like a sodding motorway
Read an article about the camino del rey years ago about two loons traversing it in the dark, because the local council had closed the path off.
Buggered if I can remember what Mag though.
I think Mt. Huashan in China would give it a run for its money.

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There are similar walkways in slate mines in North and Mid Wales
Not as high (I think the highest I've seen will be about 250 feet up a chamber) but with the added bonus of pitch dark and usually wet. Ofcourse the timber can be anywhere between 50 and 150 years old now and in many cases only the iron pins and chains remain.
The miners used to use them by candlelight too!


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I'd buy a beer for the men who lugged several tons of concrete, big iron pitons and railway lines (FFS) up there, then fixed them to the cliff.
When i did my rock leaders course at Silberhutte(spelling?) my instructor was talking about something similar,i think it was called the Klettersteig and someone had designed a special harness and roping system to make the climb/walk safe to tackle.
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