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  1. What is the most cabby wagon you have ever driven .For me ex Cav, the 432 what a beauty.
  2. M548 - the support vehicle for Tracked Rapier. Comfy lorry-type cab (windscreen, heaters, bench seat, etc), quite high up driving position, very quick (c. 45 mph on roads) , amphibious, reliable (being US kit, not UK....).
  3. Scout AH1. Comfy seats, reasonable view of the countryside as it whizzes past the windows at 120 knots/10 feet. Unlike the Whistling Chicken-leg, you could stand on it without hearing the nomex honeycomb/cardboard structure making a noise like a crisp-packet, and you could just hear the cheering from the back seats as you racked it round the trees over the noise of the donk. When it worked.
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Challerger 1,after Chieftan it was AWSOME!!!! Never got to try the 2, Scimitar was fun two but Chally just made you feel unstoppable. Abrams was good but too quiet for fun.
  5. Hagguland BV-206 was best vehicle for all terrain. Used to use it in the Falklands up at MPA and do demos in the Quarry at the top of MPA. Swim capable, could cover boggy ground and snow. Although the crabs abused it frequently up and down mount Alice. ;-)
  6. CVR (W)! Oh how I yearn for those days in 09FD39.
  7. 4x4 Opel Admiral,4x4 Opel Senator,Opel Diplomat 5.4,Merc G/wagen,Bedford RL,old truckie! :wink:
  8. I agree, marvellous bit of kit. I particularly used to love the old switchback course at Sennelager. Zooming up to the apexes, braking until it tipped over and swooping back down on the world with a lorra welly, well, actually into the mud in the trough. Great stuff.

  9. yup they are the dog danglies, drive one every day at work :D , if ever you feel the need ...........well drop me a pm :wink:


  10. As a youngster in 1980 I was spammed to do some evening work in the sqn hangar by my troop staffy.

    In this hangar was 53 Fld Sqns allocation of Plant eqpt.

    The Emperor whispered in my ear that as an underachieving bleep I would easily be able to cabby all of the tonka toys in the hangar and no-one would be any the wiser.

    Muirhill small JCB type thing-piece of piss, next.

    Allis-Chalmers medium size JCB type thing, ho-hum, next.

    Grader, long stretchy scraping bit of kit, engine running..............how do you turn this off? Come back to it.

    Michigan effing massive heavy wheeled jcb type thing. The Daddy. Doddle.

    Back to the grader. Mmm, can't be that hard to turn it off, pull a couple of levers. No that's not it. Turn the key off. Nope that don't do it.

    Eventually found the right knob, very appropriate, locked up and f***ked off.

    Learnt lesson about cabbying that night, stopped listening to the Emperor until Belize in 82.
  11. The choice is mahoosive.

    AEC tenny with low loader
    Cent ARV
    Foden ,just 'cos it's got loads of gears

    But my winner is....

    AEC wrecker,now at a museum in Cornwall :D
  12. I had an Eager Beaver once. You know you're alive operating one of those bad boys.
  13. Ah BRIXMIS! :wink:
  14. The Cabbiest of all Cabbies is the Land Rover 1 tonne. Soft top and hoops stripped off. Pure horn on four wheels.
  15. Many thanks for the offer, will keep it in mind. :D Superb piece of kit. 8) 8)