Most bone job ever.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tech-Wizard, May 5, 2006.

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  1. I think I had a couple of these as a sprog, then again you still seem to get them when you climb the rank ladder.

    I once had to clean brew stains of the concrete outside the SSM's window.

    Share these with us ppl.
  2. Stagging on shift with EWK has got to be a low point for anyone

    you seen his threads!!
  3. yeah i've seen them, i think he is a complete brown nose in his unit. Full of army facts and figures...............
  4. I was a relay op. You can't get more bone than that.
  5. I had to take a load of kids to the zoo, whilst in NI.

    On the brightside, the pigs were a bit randy, and I got to spend the afternoon laughing as the teacher fended off random pig-shagging questions.
  6. Painting the curb stones outside the guard room at Blandford, on a Friday evening to make it even better for us. Also litterpicking the woods that were out of bounds to everyone.
  7. Sanding the big galvanised metal bins with an eletric sander because it cleaned them up a bit. 7 Sigs mid 80s. I kid ye not !!!!!!!!!!! OH !! that was after painting the red one way system arrows on the trees brown prior to real road signs being put up.

  8. i wasn't in the unit but mid 70's at krefeld they painted the grass green!!

    apparently for summer fair, tents had been put up, when taken down they left yellow stains. so for a special visitor they painted it green!!!
  9. :oops: That will be me then. :oops:
  10. some bone jobs include painting trees a lighter stain of brown for royal visit.

    sieving sand pit for black bits (on same royal visit.)

    do these important people really care? looks tidy like but its a bit dramatic.

    facts and figures? where, when? PM me with details please.
  11. Have had to spray paint grass 'A better shade of green' many, many moon's ago for a visit of HRH.
  12. You don't seem to be the most popular guy on here at the moment EWK can't think why. Wait a minute yes I can becuase if your opinion differs from some of the fcuking spotters on here (you know who you are) then they make every attempt to have a go from every possible angle. Grow up gents it's getting boring
  13. I reckon the Royal Family must think the entire world smells of cut grass & fresh paint.

  14. I can't believe that you might be referring to me Mr Higround, but if you are then I will of course cease with my tenacity at discussion. And then again maybe not....

    Bone Jobs?

    I had to build a "roadrunner" out of oil drums with lights for eyes, big battery in its "stomach" to power it, paint it yellow, then mount it on a trolley, just so the reggy FofS could be towed 50 yards from the Sgts Mess to the Officers mess on his commissioning dinner. And did I get even a word of appreciation for over a weeks work??
  15. Sweeping dust of the tank park in the fooking desert! BONE!!!