Most Bizaar Sexual location / Circumstance!!!!

Well as this is the Naffi I thought I would start a new one that could reveal some piculiar and interesting results!!! Probably been done before but what the heck. I'll start the ball rolling with this!!!!!! :lol:

My bizaar one, was shagg*ing a TA ACC bint, Both of us in full NBC Gear less Resperators!!! as I would have passed out. At 2am on stag in a very large carboard box at the side of the drill square in a TA Training camp in Chester!!!!!! Beat that. And dame it was fun :twisted: :twisted:
I once had sex with myself 2000ft above South Armagh in the door way of a Lynx

I treated the residents of Cullyhannah to a hankie full of c0ck snot :D

Does that count? :D
Can't beat it, but I 'did' a female storeman in the transit blocks at Senne about 5 minutes before we left the camp while the 'Q' staff were walking around checking that the accomodation etc. was okay to hand back. Both in full uniform. I don't think I even took my beret off!
No sorry mighty D! That one does not count!!! Must be with someone ofthe opposite sex!!! as normal.!!! Not yourself!! :roll:

Just thought of anotherone!! On the floor of the Naafi bar in the same camp with a TA Naafi manageress. with all the fagg butts and spilt drinks!!! not so much fun but then she was laying on the stuff not me!! Damed good shag for a fat lass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :twisted:
Also recall one new years eve sh@gging some blokes wife outside the pub whilst he was celebrating indoors, some sort of marital split up was already on the cards I hasten to add. She asked me not to unload inside her. Unfortunately, I didn't oblige. 8) (yes, I was bareback but it was 1990).

Next saw her whilst queing up at a Garage in the nearby village and thinking 'why does the Q8 garage in ***port ring bells? When I got to the cash register, I remembered :oops:
Oh well Scaieback!! You must have had a few the cus if you were any good she would have invited you up for seconds!!!!!! :oops:
Not me, but worth mentioning; Drumadd Naafi, sometime c. 1979, when the standard disco was going on, and my office went for a few beers at the end of play. Standing at the bar, one of the blokes noticed that a couple next to the jukebox were doing a particularly good lambada. Nobody else in the fairly crowded room had realised that it was in fact a very dirty dance indeed, so at the end of the performance we gave them a standing ovation, to which they bowed low.
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