Most beautiful/ugly AFV?

I've enjoyed the most beautiful, and most ugly, aircraft threads, but this is the ARMY rumour service, so let's hear your nominations for the best and worst looking army vehicles. Obviously, they'll never be as beautiful as aircraft, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder...
This ****** is the most beautiful. Poetry in motion:


Close thread.
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A question about the rules.. can we nominate foreign junk, and can we do historical stuff as well?


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Well yes the most beautiful one may be sorted, but the thread also looks to feature the most ugly AFV too. Ergo we're going to have to feature some Russian and French kit too.
So we are going ugly early?
I think this is something the RTR could get behind, as the handsome Cav lads had already made their move.
Christ. Wot a feckin shambles!
That was my pride and joy.

Admittedly, she was having a bad hair day when that pic was taken, but she scrubbed up well.
Now that was 'andsome! But it prepared us for the friggin' Chieftain, kept breaking, separate big bullet thingy, made for slow loading......
A question about the rules.. can we nominate foreign junk, and can we do historical stuff as well?
My intention is that like the aircraft thread, it's global and as ancient as you like, but I'm not accepting horses as a "military vehicle".
Bear with me here. I’m no armour chap, never served in an armoured unit, but well aware that the Chieftain had a terrible reliability rep. So why would they introduce a Chieftain ARV? If the Cent ARV was more reliable, then why spunk all that money on the Chieftain ARV, which would have had the same drivetrain faults as the gun tanks?

As a REME Pot Offr (I apologise!) I did an attachment to 4 Armd Wksps, and they still had Cent ARVs in service, must have been 1985. The MRG commander said he’d talked with his Bundeswehr counterpart and asked how many Leopard pack changes they did on a typical exercise: “None”.

Curious as to why the Chieftain ARV was even a thing, when there were shed loads of Cents available.
If you want ugly, this Holt, the first US tank, wins hands down.
Holt gas tank.jpg

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