Most Beautiful (or Ugly) Spacecraft (Real or SciFi)?

No linky, but what was that Jap anime series that used a rocket boosted TSR2 as its main air/spacecraft?
Ah. The Stratos 4!

You can even get an Airfix model of it.


Those Japs know a good thing when they see it.

Edit: Pipped at the post by @tiv
Didn't see it mentioned earlier on the thread but I remember a sense of awe and fear the first time I saw Alien (I was probably around 11 years old at the time) and that looming derelict ship appeared



(designed by Ferrari out of a wonderful imagination and sense of grace, elegance and style)


(Designed by a plumber out of a spare ball cock float valve and three old boiler tubes from @Joshua Slocum ’s plumbing bag)


Maybe not the most beautiful, certainly intriguing and a good reboot/reimagining
the Cylone raiders from Battlestar Galactica
cylon 1.jpg


Not forgetting Scar

Nor Starbuck's little foray into captured airframes..
The Shadows. Except they weren't... Much deeper story was revealed in the forth season.
I think B5 was one of the best SF series in decades.
The whole Vorlon / Shadow gig, v. EE Doc Smith...
I think I'm going to change my vote for SPOTY 2019 and give it to you.
a). No pictures.
b). Jealousy. :evil:
One night only, and I might possibly regret not getting her phone number...
"We cannie engage warp factor Captain. The union has ordered a strike."
"Naw. Not that kind of strike Captain"
"Union"? Surely it would still be the Federation? Just not the one mentioned by the TOSsers and Snowflake Generation fans ... ;-)

Follow the adventures of USS (United Socialist Ship) Corbyn, one of the LastGen radar pickets, as it sets out on its 5-year plan to nationalize the Ferengi colonies, and halt the Thatcherons as they wreak havoc on youngling milk distribution across the Galaxy and plunder the Federated planets with their anti-democratic Poll Attacks.

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