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Another view of the attractive Boulton Balliol with the original turboprop:



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So which radar test bed was in the Canberra? Blue Vixen perhaps, but then it looks like a Bucc nose so it may even be Blue Parrot
It is a Buccaneer nose. I believe it was used to train back seaters rather than a test bed.
OK, well done. It may be an optical illusion, but that Canberra seems to have props.
Its an illusion, the silver bits sticking out the front are not propellor spinners. Did they house the starter cartridges, I seem to recall that was a feature on an aircraft?

Edit, beaten to it, I may not recall what I had for breakfast but little bits of trivia...
I just wondered whether they fitted arrestor hooks to them.
No, they were used to train ships' crews in AA defence/Thursday War. Replaced in the role by the FRA contract flying Falcon 20s and Hawks.

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