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Most Beautiful Aircraft

I haven't got the vim to trawl 370 pages, I'm sure it must have been mentioned but if not, here's my two pennerth. The Lockheed Tristar and VC10 decked in RAF markings, parked up facing in the direction of fabled goes-home land. Especially after several months away somewhere. A truly magnificent sight to behold.

I think I got the VC10 twice
From Aldergrove to Manston
Brize to Basra

September 03 January 04 respectively

no idea for RnR04 deff a 747 July 04 the alps looked petite
Boeing 307 Stratoliner


See the source image


Yes, I know it's been done before but I make no apologies for posting the TSR2 again. Came across this on the net, it appears that Duxford gave it a day in the sun.

Never seen this before, quite impressed. I never knew the Eyties had a 4 engined bomber in WW2.
Piaggio P108


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That’s a seriously big shooter!

IIRC it was actually a smaller calibre bored out.
Allegedly made it lighter than using one made specifically for that calibre

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