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Shurely THIS was the first stab at an Optica?



Rather nice shot of a Victor.

Still looks fantastic and pretty modern, considering it's a 70 year old design

Top choice.

Here's a rare cockpit view in which you can see the outside world, remarkable visibility compared to the other V-bombersView attachment 481569
I’ll put a shiny pound that shot is from the sim. Even the outside is a bit 8 bit VGA and overall too dim for real cockpit.

In my experience of operational aircraft of that period most of the cockpits were knackered. Mostly because of me and my fellow aircraft techy types not giving a flying fig about the state of them and being useless at the touch up painting

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This is rather a beautiful beast. There is one residing in a well-preserved state at the bottom of a Norwegian fjord, with plans to raise and restore.

Blohm und Voss BV-222 Wiking