Most Beautiful Aircraft

The little bump behind the cockpit is a 20 or 30mm cannon barrel, mounted facing upwards at an angle. The aircraft would make a head on attack on American B-29s and then dive under them so as to rake the fuselage of the bomber. If that didnt work, Japanese pilots often rammed the enemy bombers, not with a view of a suicide attack but to sacrifice one fighter for one bomber, after they had used their ammunition on other bombers. Several of their pilots had multiple rammings to their credit.
A Dornier was rammed by a Hurricane during the Battle of Britain Ray Holmes - Wikipedia
His memoirs, Sky Spy, are well worth a read. My signed copy is a personal treasure among my book collection.

I had the priviledge of meeting him many years ago and he was the epitome of a WW2 Pilot, charming, well spoken, modest and very very interesting to listen to. Cravat and everything.

The section on the RAF in Russia was quite interesting too.
The Lysander doing sterling service inserting SOE in to France.

Short take off & landing and very sturdy.
The Lysander doing sterling service inserting SOE in to France.
It did equally sterling service in the Western Desert and Burma when it was given suitable fighter cover. Indeed it was very similar in size and performance to the Hs126 used by the Krauts in France in 1940 - a campaign in which they protected their recce aircraft but we didn't protect ours, with entirely predictable results.