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Welcome to Canada LB! Dont try and make tea in that abomination. Jump on a plane and head west. We'll make you a decent cuppa when you get here.
Cheers boss. Wish I could. Finish sim training tomorrow afternoon then out of here a couple of hours later heading back to Central Africa.

Ones eyes are the wrong shade of blue to score a couple of days extra to check out the place.
Looks hard as nails. Probably flew as well .
Oh it flew, but just didn't perform as well as the Hercules powered one.
I think MM will confer it, its quite rare for an aircraft to perform as well, when it's been designed to operate at maximum performance with a Radial engine. Then be expected to perform the same, with a liquid cooled in line engine. There have been exceptions, but not many. I think its all to do with weight and balance.
MM will probably be able to explain better than me.


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I guess I'm not the only one saying 'Photoshop'?

I did wonder, but of the not very many images I can find of her majesty's aircraft wasting perfectly good stores I can't find one that matches the aspect and approach angle... so if faked probably done at the time with old fashioned methods...




The FW 190 changed from the BMW radial to a Jumo 213 inline and improved it's high altitude performance as well as giving it a sleeker look.
The Fw-190D and there was also the Ta-152 with long span wings;
31688_USA-14_Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-13_U11_c-n 836017_Ex WNr 836017 (D)_1945_Facebook.png
The early Ambrosini Saggitario was quite a looker.


Interesting way to access the engine too. Maybe they should have called it the Alligatorio...


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