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Most Beautiful Aircraft

Question that came up in the spotters thread.
What is your favourite Aircraft?
Which do you think is the most beautiful?

Me torn between Spitfire and Hurricane.
Spitfire & Hurricane beuatiful aircraft.


Lightning - Such a simple shape. Oh, the performance!!!
I always liked the Buccaneer. However, there were a few occasions when I was overjoyed to see a Skyraider.


War Hero
Boringly predictable here but for me has to be Concorde and Spitfire, although I always thought the Phantom (F4) had a certain rugged charm.

Concorde and Spitfire though prime examples of if it looks right.



Book Reviewer
I'm torn between this:

and this:

No contest, the Spitfire.
Must admit Legs, that Lanc is a good looking bird too.


War Hero
TSR2 and Avro Arrow. Even sat on the ground they looked like they were doing Mach 2.


Book Reviewer
I agree Spitfire and Hurricane
Also Concorde, Vulcan and Lancaster

However I've always thought that an F4 Phantom has certain pleasing to the eye qualities especially when taxying with both canopies up



Oldie: The Mosquito

Newbie: in and on one once. You know exactly what this beast is for!

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