Most attractive women....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Kylie

  2. Angelina Jolie

  3. The Wife/G.F

  4. Your plonker

  5. pentwyn

  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So,Kylie has announced that she's ok af :twisted: ter the breast cancer thing so that got me thinking,Out of those in the poll,who'd you like to pull??
  2. i wanna renew my brown wings with pentwyn, I need help
  3. Angelina Jolie

    Kylie - nah....
  4. I couldn't pull a muscle
  5. I’d like to pull Pentwyn in half and grind her up into cat food.
  6. I'd like to pull pentwyn through a John Deere 9860 STS (thats a combine harvester btw ;))

    In reality, it has to be Kylie. She knows dirty stuff since being done up the wrong un by that Hutchins bloke.
  7. Jolie - fit and kinky
  8. Its gotta be Kylie, she's been my fave fantasy flange since the days when she was fixing cars by day, and going airtight with Joe Mangel, Madge "Strapadicktome" Bishop and Bouncer the dog by night.
    What a girl!

  9. It has to be Angelina,however think of the fun training Kylie up to those standards..........
  10. Angelina.... EVERY time


    I mean look at her....she's perfection....

    Mind you, I'm not averse to a bit of Kylie either....

  11. No, its got to be Kylie. Jolie has a mouth like a Halibut.

    I'll see you one Jolie and raise you a Kylie;


    Just imagine sticking your nob up that.
  12. I'de like to get set of brown and red wings off Pentwyn. Fuck her in the arse with scotchbrite cabletied around my cock while fisting her twat with a studded butchers glove and then shag the bloody mess.

    OK Angelina really
  13. Why would you want to shag Jolie.....after all sickboy's nailed her :lol:
  14. That is not an image I wish to go to bed with........Although, I'll buy the first person a 30m Motor Yacht who can produce the pictures and her head on a piss drenched rusty spike.
  15. It'd have to be pentwyn, doing my bit for society.

    One "romantic" night with me and she'd be slashing her own wrists. I might even get a sympathy s**g out of one of the others on the list :)