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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. What annoys you most on ARRSE.

    For me it is when someone posts a link then says 'Discuss' - It makes it sound like an order and really grips my sh1t.


  2. The way some members get mega angry and flip out with little / no cause or provocation. Some people are very keen to use insults and make furious sounding statements when I'm sure if they were communicating face to face they would be either to embarrassed or not have the balls to react in such a way.
    When you step back and read some of the bitter and aggressive posts frequently submitted by the same people, you could be mistaken for thinking this site is populated by the clinically insane.
  3. see above
  4. Have you personnally been abused or just seen it happen to others in posts?
  5. Well, they are in the Army, or have some sort of association with it, don't they?

    And, dingerr, just what do you mean, it grips your shit? It just pisses me right off into a homocidal rage, it does! Your outrage is pathetic! You need to work on it!

    Discuss that!

  6. Why get annoyed about anything on arrse? It's only the internet...
  8. I try not to say anything that would incite abuse, I'm far too fragile to cope. Pus I'm a copper, so I'm not used to upsetting people or others being mean to me!

  9. What pi$$es me off about that type of post is the fact that the poster doesn't offer any of their own opinions until they've sounded out general opinion first! Outstanding!
  10. dingerr, just out of sympathetic interest, what was the thread that broke the camels back???

  11. Just who do you feel mad enough to kill?

    Stephen Fry once described the word "countryside" as "the act of killing Piers Morgan" :D
  12. No one really, although I have been considering my ex. :D

  13. OK, I've changed my mind - people who don't get Incredible Hulk quotations (or who attempt Wahs about them) irritate me :D
  14. I do find these things rather irritating :twisted: 8O :eek: :arrow: :?: 8O 8O

    Rest of site keeps me sane and in my pram - even the 'outraged' stuff.

    I do miss some of the Old Posters, though. What happened to Shortfuse, the Rigger, Convoy Cock, Bernouili, Biscuits_AB, ozgerbobble and Frenchmong?

    Shortfuse was (is, I hope) a genius, especially when talking about his toilet habits.

    I expect they're all in a home somewhere, masturbating quietly.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's me! I drive myself into paroxims of clinically insane rage, vent my spleen in the most outraged and outrageous manner, and no man, woman or beast is beyond getting it in the neck with a full-on abusive and slanderous tirade. I've been told off about it a few times I think.

    and yes, you're right of course; face to face, you'd think I was a wittle wabbit, and a fluffy one at that, without an opinion to my name.