most annoying personal habit developed by mob service

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RE814, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. habit of counting things, developed from trying to remember how many rounds i fired(usually wrong)
  2. Saying *say again*. :(
  3. Always being somewhere ten minutes before needed
  4. definately 'Say again' or 'Send' during phonecalls

    that and noting people's 'flash to bang' times and pointing out fit women/growlers/things by clock positions
  5. interupting everyones pub conversation with 'when i was in NI/falklands/bosnia etc...'
  6. swearing like a f+cking c+nt
  7. being early for everything
    for treating ''men'' with long hair as prats
  8. *people with long hair are tramps
    *more than a wedding ring is gay
    *telling sick (very) jokes at work and wondering why only the x-army guys are laughing?
    *the realisation that there are no nice looking lesbians like in all those videos and mags.
    *when you tell someone at work to f**k off they report you to your boss!
  9. Telling people not to whinge!
    Being early for everything.
    "Say again"!
    Clean shoes and pressed kit.........noticed by most of the company staff!
    Addicted to running at the ripe age of 46.........sad :cry:

  10. "fella-ing" people.

    "roger that" is not a recognised civvy street answer.

    end of the day chaps......................"ONCE A CORPS MAN ALWAYS A CORPS MAN".

  11. It is better to be sat there waiting than wondering if you are going to make it on time.

    Well thats what I always tell my missus when we turn up early for things. :)
  12. being cynical of everything, after years of being around squaddies and all of our/their crap and imaginative excuses for things, I can usually see straight through civvie bullshite!
  13. Being a proper tourettes syndrome barbie.

    Timings flapping to be there 5 minutes before! But public transport working to make me 15 mins late :shakefist: generaly this inspires even better tourettes.

    Using VP and confusing Uni staff and students :wink: me bad.......

    Writeing with a straight edge also worries them............... 8O
  14. pointing with the all four fingers..i fuuccking hate that..
  15. all of the above and watching for sniper positions if Im walking anywhere....ah yes ...varying routes negating the possibility of an ambush.

    One exception....Im never early but then I dont have to be....Im the boss :lol: