Most annoying military phrases................

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Stealing the theme from the Torygraph link below:

    Most Annoying Phrases............

    What are your most annoying Military Phrases?

    Mine is: "At the time and date stated" in front of every sentence in the occurence book? The date and time is in the margin FFS! :x
  2. Sir,

    I am xxxxxx80 Smudge Smith, charged under section 71 (1) of the Army act 1955. Awarded 18 days detention by the commanding office of the School of Electronical and Aeornautical Engineering. This is my xth day, I have no complaints or requests, Sir.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I used to find that the one that annoyed me most was ........."Do you accept my punishment?"
  4. It was always "do you accept my award" with me. Makes it sound like a gift!
  5. your in your own time now

    the ball's in your court
  6. ther's no I in team

    (but there is a ME lol)
  7. Of course it will be all sorted out and transfer easily....Ref claims/JPA/DII

    You will definetly come off the board this year.

    Fill in you posting dream sheet and they will take all you personal circumstances into consideration prior to posting.
  8. Spotty dog, and even more annoying when kuntz swap the first letter of each word. Dotty spog :x :x
  9. "This is my xth day, I have 1 complaint and 2 requests, Sir".............. "Oh God, here we go....."
  10. "March to the time I call out..."

    "The new CO did a tour with SAS..."

    "I wunna be in da paras bruv innit"
  11. Quite true Smudge - that is until the last day is reached and then it becomes a brilliant phrase. Not that I was ever the subject of that particular phrase but the one reference ROPs is fairly similar. :D

    How about:

    It pays to be a winner!

    ARMY left\right.

    Start cutting about.

    At the speed of a thousand gazelles.

    In my day..... (when said by anyone with over 5 years left still to serve - this is your day you oaf!)

    Carry on normal jogging (what is abnormal jogging?).

    If it aint raining it aint training. (Yes it is)

    If it aint snowing we aint going. (Really? Bet we are pal)
  12. get a grip
  13. "Claim P123456 (€ xxx) for 1157, CODENAME requires Audit"

    "When I was at Sandhurst............."

    "I don't know the answer but I will get back to you"
  14. Markintime you're in with that REME guy Smudge

    Bagsy the top bunk (from noted back stroker)

    The Rat will drive you there (from MTO 1 Para)

    I got it wrong lads, they're Republican Guards facing us.

    It's OK lads, it's only Yank A10s
  15. "Sprint to the far gate, round it, and back to me faster than greased weasel sh!t"

    Greased weasel sh!t?? :?

    Also, my personal pet hate - "Take control of your body!!"......... Yeah, I would do if my lungs werent hanging out my arrse you big nasty man.

    (edited for mongness)