most annoying celebrity chef at Christmas

He riminds me of pinky and the brain.
Today's viewing of Saturday Kitchen ruined by Heston Blumenthal. Your turn
Fcuk off you demented slut.

Yours, Mrs Blumenthal.


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All of them
Lawson... always Lawson -so fake


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Tom Kerridge is getting close to being a complete PITA. If he says 'Lush' once he says it a dozen times.

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She has put on a lot of weight recently.
I think there all bloody irritating except for Raymond from France who is almost English now so I excuse him for being French, poor sod not his fault!
My son is a chef and has worked in the catering trade for about 15 years.

He told me that while many of the celebrity chefs might produce outstanding food the majority of non-celebrity chefs think that they are all cnuts, regardless of the quality of their cooking.


James Martin's Saturday Kitchen usually has a few characters on it, mostly to plug their own restaurant, and mostly they're OK. When you've sold your soul to have your own show, then you're on the slope to total cuntery

I'd still eat out Lorraine Pascal and Ching-He Huang's anus
All cooking shows should be banned from telly and celebrity chefs sent to a North Korean Labour Camp.

Except for Nigella. She should be made do remakes of The Naked Chef. Literally. She could toss my salad any day.

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