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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cpunk, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I saw a guy in Tescos in Kensington a couple of days back with a tumour (or goitre, I suppose) the size of a large coconut sticking out of his neck. I wasn't sure whether to just laugh, or to organise a posse of angry villagers with flaming torches and pitchforks to run the freaky weirdo out of town. Anyone else seen any amusingly deformed people recently?
  2. bearded lady in hants
  3. Bloke in my home town who has a growth on his head that looks like he is growing a devil horn.
  4. when i was a kid i once saw a green duck with a bloke hanging out of his arrse!!
  5. Apart from the day to day inbreds I see hanging around and the odd acne infested teen doing a pussed tomato impression, I did see a barman one time with a bubble on his head, turns out he was hit to the floor by someone on a bicycle, but that complaints for a different forum. Unless your counting mental and psycological deformities that will start a whole new list. Like the "werewolf guy" otherwise know as "the tw*t who preaches to people on oxford circus". Oh the laughter he brings. :lol:
  6. saw some gadgee in sainsburys garage the other day with a hunch back, his hunch was soooo big i thought he had a can of omd 90 strapped on
  7. On the one trip abroad that we took as a family, there was this ancient old Frenchman who looked exactly like Mr Punch. He had the whole hooked nose and hooked chin thing going. Absolutely amazing, I can assure you. We silly English kniggets couldn't avoid staring!

  8. That wouldn't be the " be a winner not a sinner" guy would it. :lol: :wink: He p1sses me off too.
  9. There was afella waay back when who used to sell programmes outside the Quarry Lane End at Field Mill. He had a goitre on his neck that was the size of a small planet with big red veins pulsing through it. It was horrible and a crime
  10. When I was very young there was a man used to walk about the city,he had enourmous growth from his nose.My cousin was staring at him, the man observed him staring and proceded to chastise my uncle with,DONT YOU TEACH YOUR CHILDERN THAT IT IS RUDE TO STARE.My uncle loooked down and then looked up lwith a sorry expression and replied....... Who could blame him with a snitch like that.
  11. you want freaks, just go to france.
  12. I second that... fcukers are just... ... french.. poor b*stads...
  13. Was with my sprog at the zoo yesterday and saw a herd of deformed persons, ranging from mild mongitis to full blown freaks.

    The best one was a 200-250 pound man with a 2 pound headsitting on his shoulders and slaver dried and crusted to the corners of his mouth. I started to stare, not beieving my eyes; thinking it must be the side effects of the case of beer and half bottle of Vodka the night before that has me seeing cartoon figures from "Roger Rabbit". When all of a sudden my sprog starts laughing uncontrollably and the doris is kicking me in the shins.

    It in fact was real and brought great amusment to the wee one, and great distress to the doris that I would stop and stare at those less fortunate...not to mention that I looked on the wee one with glee, knowing one day he to will relish in the agony of the "less fortunate". :D
  14. This geezer tried to sell me a Renault. French gimp!

  15. I thought you were staying away from mirrors ctauch :lol: :p