Mossad:Syria "More Prepared Than Ever" For Strike On Israel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. From the Jerusalem Post:

    Israel should not take the Syrian peace overture seriously because Damascus is "more prepared than ever before" to take military action against Israel, Mossad chief Meir Dagan said Monday.

    "Israel's military deterrence was damaged in the second Lebanon war," Dagan told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. "[Syrian President Bashar] Assad's self-confidence grew. They are prepared to take more risks than in the past."

    "Dagan: Syria willing to attack Israel" 18 December 2006

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  2. Obviously the Haaretz article wasn't scary enough to provoke a reaction then?

  3. 'Speak softly and carry a big stick', not being an apologist, but if You were Assad, what would you be doing right now?
  4. An interesting article. I am not sure about Dagan's basic premise - that Syria is building up weaponry and that therefore, it is ready to wage war upon Israel. The capability of the Syrian army is very weak by comparison with the IDF, notwithstanding the problems over the summer - and the Syrians know it.

    As for buying anti-armour and anti-aircraft weaponry - would that not be an entirely sensible thing for the Syrians to do, in order to fight a defensive war against Israel? Not an indication of aggressive intent in itself.

    Always good to read the Jerusalem Post though, in order to get the Israeli viewpoint. While all the excitment over the Baker Report was building up, it always seemed to me that the media had forgotten that the Israelis, and the fact that they might have a thing or two to say about the US and UK cosying up to Iran and Syria.

    The British don't realise that, although we may have an army in the Middle East, our involvement has always been intended as a short-term solution to a particular problem. The Israelis are there for the duration, and when it comes to what they perceive as being a question of national survival, they will not fcuk about - unlike some British policy-makers, who can only see as far as the next general election.
  5. I would be thinking the lunatics in the Knesset wanted to recover some pride after taking a kicking at the hands of a 'rag-tag bunch of terrorists'

    Has the Syrian Military gone on a massive programme of upgrades , re-equipment and training? Are they shopping around for the very latest in MBT's.

    Are representatives from Mikoyan or Sukhoi busy flogging the very latest in Fighter technology? Have the Syrians bought more point defence and mobile AAA

    To go to war, even on minimal objectives (Recapture the Golan Heights) they know they'd have to have Armour and air superiority. They would then have to be in a position to hold it until everyone got round a table.

    How long would it take to achieve the quantum leap in the Syrian Military, to even consider being ready to be totally defensive against an Israeli assault, never mind an offensive?
  6. I was wondering how many days this site could go without a posting about Israel!!

    On a positive note, the Syrians are trying to attract citizens to live on (their part of) the Golan with benefits given to those who do e.g. Kuneitra region. This could be a sign that although publically they are not prepared to accept the '67 line as a formal border in reality they are prepared for it.

    However, all told the frictions in that area, especially after last summer have not negated a potential for fighting. Several months ago, there were rumours / indications that war may be probable on the Golan.
  7. ...and we were wondering how long this thread could go without a post from you Arik! :wink:

    What's been Syria's attitude towards their part of the Golan previously? I knew that they'd left Kuneitra itself as a memorial after the 1973 war, but what about development in the rest of the Golan?
  8. I did not quite feel like posting about the merits of the RAF rgt, officers pistols threads, etc! lol

    I am not clued up to their overall (civilian) development of their part of the Golan, what I said before related to an article I read some time ago. I do know that it was once one of the most heavily prepared defensive parts of the region. It had to be, as Damascus is not that far.
  9. From the Times:

    Bashir Assad, the President of Syria, has repeatedly offered peace talks with Israel. Most recently he has added that he has no preconditions for negotiations --- he is not even demanding that Israel promise in advance to return the Golan Heights. The response of Ehud Olmert has been astonishing. We can’t, Israel’s Prime Minister says, act against our friend, George W. Bush, who has no interest in an accomodation between Israel and Syria."

    "Why won't the Israelis give peace a chance?" by Amos Oz.
    20 December 2006,,6-2512106,00.html
  10. Does George Bush live in Israel?
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I'd doubt it unless you're talking about early strategic moves. Tactically not. There is far too much political capital and alliances to secure to be considering movement on the ground. The mossad are cage rattling, best thing is they appear to be in the cage.
  12. Nehushtan - interesting avatar, I cannot make out word on vertical part of cross (chalti - ?), where did you dig out the avatar?
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    It says 'he has suffered'. Its an insignia for the Knights of the Brazen Serpent.
  14. Would Assad GAMBLE all on a quick war to recover the Golan Hights ?
    Win and hes every Arabs Hero, lose, as per normal and bye bye, probably terminal.
  15. Heh. Syria is simply taking sensible precautions for the forthcoming Israel/Hezbolla: Round 2 - Lebanese Civil War, starting early in the new year.