Mosquitos - Do they bite you?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. I've always seemed to be a wandering snack bar for mosquitos. Whenever there are mosquitos about they seem to make a bee-line (or perhaps mosquito-line) for me.

    I think my record is 35 bites on the back of one hand (plus of course numerous other bites elsewhere) in the space of one evening.

    I've often wondered why they seem to single me out, and thought I'd do a little informal survey here to see if I could find out why.

    I've heard that bloodtype can be a factor, as well as diet. I'm type O+ and do have a bit of a sweet tooth, and once more I look like the elephant man after this weekend past.

    What about you? Please post your blood group and anything else which may relate to why mossies do or do not bite you.


  2. TT there are several factors why they go for you, try here

    Scientists have identified several proteins found in mosquitoes’ antennae and heads that latch on to chemical markers, or odorants, emitted from our skin. These markers are produced by the natural processes of our bodies and, like neon signs, they let the mosquitoes’ smell center know you’re around (though the process that then guides them to you is not well understood). Flies and mosquitoes share a number of the same genes that dictate production of these odorant-binding proteins, which have specific sites that will catch or bind with certain chemicals in the air. Some scientists suggest that certain characteristics attract mosquitoes, thereby leading us to have more bites than others. Some of the top candidates: the amount of carbon dioxide in the breath, pregnancy, body temperature, alcohol and odorant markers based on blood type.
  3. Thanks.

    What about you? Do you get bitten? What's your blood type?
  4. A Neg and they love me, bastards :x Then again I have always said I am good enought to eat :D
  5. I'm pretty sure they scoff owt, its just some people react to them more

    By bite you mean stab you with their proboscis (is that the correct terminology)
  6. TT, as already pointed out these beasties are attracted by exhaled carbon dioxide and other chemical markers that we emit... I used to be plagued by the bu99ers in the days of my youth (some time ago) but they now leave me alone. Either I have grown too tough for them, or more likely, my lifestyle/diet or something has changed and so I no longer emit the odours and chemicals that I used to.

    Just grin and bear it... It will likely come all right as time passes.

    Have you met any scottish midges yet?
  7. Marmite on toast every morning during the summer....even the horses get it... not a single bite as yet this year.....
  8. I find that when I arrive in a shi... er, post conflict emerging country I get bitten to hell and back. But after a few weeks I become less of a target.
  9. Like the previous poster, when young I used to get my own personal swarm. I vividly remember being surrounded and attacked by about 20 or so and the two blokes with me laughing their socks off. Unfortunately, as now old, I still get massacred by the little buggers.

    Blood group is A Rh positive.
  10. A Neg also. Mozzies, midges, horse flies - practically any insect that bites/stabs - all love me in equal measure to my hatred of them. One reason I will never ever go back to Scotland. Having tried every Deet product on the market without much success I've now started using "Prevent Spray" (contains pyrethrins) which is slightly better.
  11. Previously A Neg but now mostly Smirnof no probs with mossies at all
  12. O pos and attractive to mossies too...universal donor, universal recipient obviously has a downside too!
  13. O+

    Don't get bitten too much by the mozzies in W Africa - probably because I don't go to many outdoor places at dusk or in darkness. There was a time in India - one of the most miserable of my life - when I manged to get over 40. We counted 60 on an Australian, but I couldn't tell you his blood group.
  14. O Pos and never used to suffer much compared to others. My strategy was to exude vibrant throbbing hatred of insect-kind from every orifice - yes, including that one.

    What can I say, if it's daft and it works it ain't daft!
  15. Two things that worked for me but both have obvious downsides

    1. Garlic and/or chillies (lots of)
    2. Get a rapid tan, a little burnt even, they don't like cooked meat