Mosquitoes and what have you

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by eodmatt, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Found this website today: Making a Mosquito Trap | ThriftyFun Lots of interesting stuff in there. I was looking for something to relieve the itching of mossie bites (the oil that they sell in little bottles in the F/E that is supposed to cure all ills works, but you have to use it immediately you are bitten).

    Anyway I found the home made mosquito trap very interesting - and it works too.
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  2. I notice that there are no equivalent instructions for 'Making a Snatch Trap', but to be fair, it would have to exude money instead of CO2, which is a big ask.
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  3. I was back in India for a few months back in 2005 and mosquitoes were a ******* bastard, I look at my pics and my face was bitten all over as well as body, mind you are a few weeks my body had "acclimatized" so wasn't much a problem, I will be taking repellant when I go next, I will try that trap out however
  4. Resurection.

    I rub Ben@dryl (antihistamine cream) on the bite - seem's to help reduce swelling, itching and clears it up quicker. They apparently have cases of Dengue Fever in Tex@s so best to be careful. In Florida I used to put on a lemon smelling repellant liquid - apparently mossy's don't like lemon smell.

    I have seen a couple of the electronic mossy repellers in the shops and may give one a go.

    Slightly different tack for a moment: I watched a rodent bloke clearing out an old place here and always willing to learn I chatted with him. He was there to mainly get rid of snakes* which were attracted in by the tasty rats. Anyway,.....he has this huge bag of mothballs and starts wandering around the property throwing them under the raised porch decking and up into the loft. "Whyforyoudothat"? Snakes do not like mothballs and do a rapid exit pdq when in their vicinity. I asked a couple of other people and they confirmed it. So if any of you end up in a jungley place take some mothballs and lay them down around your open air bed (bivvy) to keep sid away.

    Note* By snakes I mean anything from garden (rat) snakes to rattlers and cottonmouths.
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  5. Sand flies are the real bastards out here.:mad:
  6. I've dropped mothballs around the house in the flower beds - about one every 18 inches which is what the rodent bloke did. They seem to keep quite a bit away and I haven't had a snake on the back patio again recently either.
  7. Any increase in the rat population?
  8. Not yet......keeping my eyes open.

    Edit: Just to add; when I lived in the sub-tropical, steamy hot far east as a pad brat it was made clear to me that no one with half a brain has plants up alongside their house. You leave a clear path width minimum between house and plantlife to discourage rodents and crawly things from entering the property. We didn't even have glass in the windows there only security mesh and storm shutters to close at night - and we use to get no visitors.

    Here the dim twonks whinge about bugs, rodents and snakes and pay someone to come and spray every couple of months. They have ivy like stuff growing up the houses, plants and trees touching the houses, flower beds next to the houses.......seriously! I cleared back in Florida and I am going through the same process here. If there is no cover the chance of visitors reduces.

    What really gripped my poop though was the fact that the weep holes in between the bricks had no covers on them. So you have a nice half inch hole, at ground level, for Mr. Rat or Sid to get into the house through. I am covering all those up - nearly done now.
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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Teaspoon in boiling water then apply hot spoon to afflicted area.
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  10. Is that a euphemism? A complaint?
    Sorry, just found that really funny :D
    It has been a tough day at work :oops:
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  11. No. Its a relief.

    To my untrained, panicky eye a local rat snake looks a lot like a rattler.
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  12. Trust me, any sort of reptile would be beaten to death with the nearest object at hand.
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  13. Mucker of mine used to work out in the cane fields in Queensland and drove around in an old Hilux. One day yer man gets sent to pick up some gear from the farm sheds. He gets there, and opens the cabin door when he is told to stay in the cab and not move. Que blokes with long sticks poking about behind the cabin where a venemous snake had ma de an appearance . They got it and he was gleefully informed that he'd have karked it before they could get to hospital had he been bitten.
    He always did a walk around with a torch after that.
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  14. Lemons really do have an effect on mosquitoes.
    I had a house in Crete, built in a valley full of citrus trees. My garden alone had 70 lemon, orange, tangerine trees.
    Virtually zero mozzie hassle.

    Behind my house the land rose steeply into hills, 95% of the trees olives. A friend had a villa up a couple of hundred feet.
    Full of vicious little bastards at certain times of the year.

    Lemons work and smell nice.
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