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Book Review Mosquito The RAF's Legendary Wooden Wonder and its Most Extraordinary Mission

ARRSE Rating
5.00 star(s)
Roland White probably needs no introduction as an author of fast paced aviation histories. This, I hoped, was no exception. I was not disappointed.

This book weaves together the stories of the Mosquito, the airmen who flew them and the resistance movement in Denmark. There is plenty of detail which shows good research and enables the characters to be well drawn. Not just military uses of the Mosquito, BOAC used them to fly into Sweden for various reasons. While some of the stories will be familiar, there are several strands to this book and all of them together lead to a gripping narrative which unfolds chronologically over three parts and 480 pages ending with Operation Carthage in Copenhagen, and it’s aftermath.


A brilliant read, and a good Christmas gift for the total aviation person or Second World War reader.

Roland White
Transworld Publishers [Penguin Random House] 2023

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