Mosquito flies again

A NZ Mosquito flies for the first time after being rebuilt, it's now the only airworthy example in the world.

Hopefully they'll get it on a world tour


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Will confess I had the idea that when I won the Euro Millions, I'd see if I could get ahold of the Mossie plans and maybe build one im my garage (I'd have been a millionaire. My garage would have been a HANGAR). Ever since I saw them on a programme years ago called the Genius of Design I've kinda wanted one :-D
Guy Gibson was flying a Mosquito when he ran out of fuel and crashed and died. Sad end to an incredible man.
I recognise that name, it'll come to me soon where from. Didn't he have a dog?
Wonder if there's any plans for next years RIAT at Fairford?

Can it land on a carrier?


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