Mosquito devices treat young people like pests …

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like a quality bit of kit! :D

    Having said that, so typical of the chatterrati to whine on about the 'yuman rights' of the yoofs and not give a toss about the people who have to put up with the little cvnts exercising their right to ''freedom of assembly'' outside their houses while pissed at 2am in the morning.

    Mosquito devices 'treat young people like pests and should be banned'
    Mosquito devices treat young people like "unwanted birds or pests" and should be banned, Europe's human rights watchdog has said.

    Published: 8:00AM BST 26 Jun 2010

    The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly, made up of MPs from the 47 member states of the human rights body, unanimously endorsed growing calls for a ban on all machines designed to scatter youngsters by emitting a powerful high-pitched noise.
    Earlier this week the Children's Commissioner for England, Al Aynsley-Green, renewed his campaign for a ban on the Mosquito devices designed to be audible to almost everybody under 20, but few over 25.

    The aim is to stop gangs loitering, and move them on.
    Mr Aynsley-Green said use of such tactics demonised young people and breached their human rights.

    More than 3,000 are now in use in the UK, increasingly taken up by local authorities as a means of heading off trouble before it starts.

    But Mr Aynsley-Green said the devices were indiscriminate, targeting all children and young adults, regardless of whether they were misbehaving.
    On Friday the Assembly of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe agreed, adopting a resolution saying the devices were ''highly offensive''.
    They ''discriminate against young people, treating them as if they are unwanted birds or pests'', it said.

    The Assembly warned of a breach of human rights, including the ''right to private life'' and ''freedom of assembly'', safeguarded by the Human Rights Convention, to which all Council of Europe members, including the UK, are signatories.
    The effect of the devices might even amount to illegal ''degrading treatment'' because they inflict ''acoustic pain''.

    The Mosquito machines are also marketed in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and the Assembly called on governments, parliaments and local authorities to ban them in public places and their sale for use on private premises.
    The Assembly also called for the promotion, ''in consultation with youth forums at the local level'', of more indoor and outdoor physical, intellectual and leisure recreation facilities for young people.
  2. I'd be surprised if any of them could hear it, with their ears plugged into their I-gramophones. When I were a lad, grumpy old blokes used to at least make the effort to come to their front doors and tell you to fvck off making a noise at nearly midnight. Now they just flick a switch.

    Even the grumpy codgers aren't as good as they used to be.
  3. They are!
  4. This story was in the Guardian yesterday (fri) and it appears you can get one of these machines for £500.

    Sadly they didn't say where from or if you could get one you could fit in your pocket.

    It would make a great Xmas present.

  5. Interesting…

    Looks to be a high power tweeter, a psu, an amp and a basic osccilator thingy to feed the shebang… Maplins! 8)
  6. Semper

    I'm from an Electronics background. Do you thnk I should advertise DIY alternatives?
  7. I could see a market for them. Seriously considered one myself from time to time to deal with some little shits who can't understand '**** off and hang around elsewhere'
  8. Sod off with the bloody things - I'm getting old and the fecking things still play havoc with my head.
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    They obviously work we had one installed at a local shopping precinct plagued by yuts causing damage,it lasted two days before the vermin smashed it off the wall.
  10. I have one. I use it three of four times a year.

    It works a treat - never had to use it on the same group of chavs twice.

  11. [​IMG]

    "Broadboy calling Dannysword.Chavs spotted,am engaging them now!"
  12. Or alternatively try Googling for the sound file used in the Mosquito system, download it for nowt, stick it in an mp3 player and crank up the bass.

    Instant evacuation of an area by all chavs, neds, and casuals.

    P.S. not that I have ever done such a thing, oh no.
  13. Yes. I also have an electronics background but I don't have time to experiment. Here is my problem and it's one that many people probably have: I live next to a roundabout and of the cars that slow down or stop for the roundabout, a few have very loud music playing, some of them with that fu cking annoying BUMP< BUMP< BUMP base sound at 12 on the ricker scale. Usually late at night.

    What I want is a directional EMP generator that will destroy the amplifier of any car that passes my gate sounding like a frigging broadside from HMS Victory.
  14. Will it negate my tinnitus?