Moshtarak Begins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. All eyes on the Afghan latest reports thread.
  2. Good luck for those involved,
  3. Hope it produces the desired end results - thoughts with all involved (and probably more so their families) for a safe return
  4. I put it on the other thread but the BBC have just reported tonight that UK forces are not involved with this phase. They were quoting the MOD.
  5. my soul is with the troops, dont think ill sleep tonight...
  6. Seconded.
  7. Let's all hope that heaven runs short of virgins very quickly and all our forces and allies acheive their objectives quickly and successfully. I for one will be thinking about the lads and lasses whilst they do their thing. Best of luck to all of you out there and send as many of them taliban cnuts to Allah as you can, I'm sure he'll be happy to welcome them.
  8. Godspeed, and the very best of luck to us Brits, and our allies. I know we are all taking time to think about how extremely proud we are to have such an elite and brave army in battle,at this very moment.
  9. second that
  10. My thoughts are with the British soldiers and their allies, good luck guys and keep safe! I also feel for the families at home, there must be nothing worse in this world than waiting and not knowing.
  11. It wasn't until I left and my bn went back to Afghan without me that I realised what it was like for the families back home. When you're out there, you feel that you have some control over what happens. When you're back home, there's nothing you can do but feel like a jack bastard and wait for the news.

    Best of luck to the troops. Kick Terry's cunt in!
  12. Good luck boys. Give em hell...or rather courageous restraint...
  13. Thats a bit full-on chief! Some of my very best friends are taking part in it and I slept like a log.

    Edited due to realising you have not yet joined and I was being a little bit flippant to someone who doesn't yet know what the score is! You will discover mate, amongst professional soldiers, this will all be water under the bridge.
  14. Good luck lads. Early news reports look positive, but this won't be over quickly.