Moscow: UK Totalitarian State

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kingbingo, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Pravda, the Russian state broadcaster once the mouthpiece of Soviet disinformation.

    They have just flown in a team to do a special report on how the UK is becoming a totalitarian regime, citing amongst others the jail of Nick Hogan who was jailed for allowing smokers in his pub.

    This follows a previous special report on how the EU is the reincarnation of the old Soviet Union.

    It is pretty safe to say they know a thing or two about the subject. How bad has it got when Moscow is worried about our slide towards totalitarianism?
  2. Of course the thing about Nick Hogan is that he wasn't jailed for allowing smokers to light up in his pub.

    He was jailed for not paying the fine, which is a different thing entirely.
  3. Is it?

    The first is directly backed with the threat of the second.

    They are hardly mutually exclusive, and hardly a different thing entirely in my view.
  4. 'Yesterday, Old Holborn was outside Westminster Magistrates court where four politicians, charged with false accounting, sought permission not to stand in the dock as common criminals, they were, so they believed, entitled to be treated differently from any other thief.

    They just don’t get it.'
  5. I laugh at how they call anyone who disagrees with their marxist multi cultural dictatorship a fascist!

    Oh the irony!!
  6. You just couldn't write this crap could you, How this country has become little more than a banana republik run by a lunatic dictator
  7. Comrade Brown and his mentor, the soi disant aristocrat - The Lord High Everything Citizen Pretty Mandelson, admire the Soviet model as all, repeat ALL - opposition is eliminated!

    As the Tory Party is eliminating itself and as the Limp/Dims were eliminated before they were born, the policy seems to be successful.

    Now, where shall I go and live?

    Oh! no! 'Clunker' has so ruined the nation that my money is now worthless outside the country!
  8. Considering that Russia is a quasi-fascist state in all but name they should get their own house in order first.
  9. So? What is wrong with the kettle calling the pot black back?
  10. Quite probably, but if they reckon we are a totalitarian state they will have two choices, neither of them complimentary to the UK:

    If the UK, supposedly a world example of "democratic rule" (don't laugh), is like us why should we change?


    The UK has become like us, so for God's sake don't use it as an example if we wish to become democratic.
  11. Are all the party faithfull & apologists hiding at the moment? :? :twisted: :twisted:

    They are obviously waiting for the party line via A Campbell to be passed on to them, being so stunned at being rumbled! :lol: :lol:
  12. Perhaps they recognise this as the complete mince it is ?? I do, and I'm not one of the 'party faithful'.


    Was that OK Mr Campbell ????

  13. The fascists didn't take all your money to give to the proletariat…
  14. Oh goodie! A new Cold War! Will I need to trade in my blue armband for an orange one?
  15. Totalitarian? Hardly. Increasingly authoritarian, yes.

    Despite the ARRSE ranting, we don't register on the scale of intrusive government, but there's definitely more of it that there used to be. Personally, I attribute that to the fact that governments can't rely on us to toe the line of our own free will as much as they used to be able to.

    Governments are happy to trust us to exercise freedoms - so long as we don't go around exercising them irresponsibly.