Moscow Station

If anyone out there has ever read this then you know its a great read, for all those who have not, try to get hold of a copy. It's out of print but they do pop up on Amazon now and then.

Moscow Station" tells the story of the KGB's efforts to penetrate the U.S. embassy in Moscow, mainly by planting eavesdropping devices and by assigning attractive Soviet women to bait U.S. personnel. Examples of the former are the microwave cavity resonator discovered inside the Great Seal in 1952 and the thirteen bugged IBM typewriters discovered in 1984, which were being used in secure areas of the Moscow embassy and the Leningrad consulate. About half of the book reconstructs the investigation of Clayton J. Lonetree, an example of a "honey trap." Lonetree, a young marine guard, confessed in 1987 after passing secrets to his Soviet girlfriend, who was employed at the embassy, and her KGB control officer, Alexei G. Yefimov.

An excellent read by Ronald Kessler.

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