Moscow cop kills 3, injures 6 in shooting spree


A Russian police major went on a killing spree at a Moscow shop leaving three people dead and at least six injured, Russian news agencies reported.

Major Denis Yevsyukov, head of police of Tsaritsyno district, first shot dead the driver of a car he was travelling in and then entered a shop where he unleashed a barrage of gun fire on those inside.

Yevsyukov "fatally shot the driver of the Chevrolet Lanos he was being driven in," a spokesman for the Russian prosecutor's investigative committee, Vladimir Markin, told RIA Novosti.

"The police head then entered the Ostrov supermarket... and continued firing. As a result a female cashier and a man were killed. Another six people received gunshot wounds of varying degrees. The shooter was detained," he said.
Of course it is something outstanding, extraordinary, But if you ask me am I surprised then my answer in no. Moron Putin tolerated and in fact incouraged corrupted system in the Police. Bribes that go to the top levels of 'chain if command' is a system. Top cops have luxury cars, expensive houses and flats. Meanwhile ordinary policemen have tiny salaries and come generally from the poor.

There is a joke: what is the difference between bandits and cops in Russia? The last are uniformed.

I have worked with a man several years ago. He had a problem with his son - student jurist (he was drug taker for years). Eventually the lad was graduated and ... became an officer in anti-drugs police unit.

Would our dear leader moron Putin (or his puppet so called 'president' Medvedev) make a statement?

Few remarks. I live about 1 mile from the place where the crime happened. Few times I had been to the supermarket. Most of injured were wounded in a head. The gun that was used has a criminal background and is being searched for 9 years.

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