Mortgages for foreign property

I am seriously looking at buying an apartment abroad and need a mortgage for this. Unfortunately there are none available in this country. Does anyone know of any UK Banks or institutions that offer mortgages for buying foreign property.

Any help or advice will be appreciated. :?
HSBC did it for me, but I used the increased equity from my UK property to do so. Also HSBC is big where I am.
May I suggest you log onto an EXPAT's group in the country you wish to go to? Just tap in the info on any search engine.
Good luck!
Yes ,exactly where .

Look for UK banks and BS with companies in the country you are trying to buy in.

IE: Abbey National Offshore Spain
Abbey National Italy.

Use the power of the Internet Luke!.

Euro Offshore account In Guernsey? Pay directly into a Euro Bank in Euros.
Looking at a property in Egypt, by the Red Sea. I have spoke to the developers and they say there are no financial instituions there and I will have to source my own mortgage. I have had a look on the net and can't find anything unless it's Spain.
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