Mortgages and credit

I am a reporter for BBC Radio 4's Money Box and I am investigating whether serving members have problems getting mortgages or credit because they are in the army.

I have heard that some soldiers have not been able to build up an adequate credit profile because they are often abroad and if they are not on the electoral role this can also affect their credit rating.

If you've been affected by this please contact me at
Was never a problem in the eighties and nineties.... you could go to the NAAFI and stitch yourself up with a chargecard on the proviso you bought a Pioneer stacker system and had a letter off your mum and a pebble from the beach as ID
Never caused me any problems, 1st mortgage in 2002 after getting straight of the plane from Cyprus after a 3 year holiday, I mean posting
I know back in the late 1990's, I found it almost impossible to even get a mobile phone despite a) never defaulting on credit and b) being on the electoral register. This was due to sharing the same postcode as hundreds and hundreds of other matelots. I did write off to the credit ref agencies to distance myself financially from the others at the same postcode but it didn't work. It was only when I moved that I stopped having problems.

At the time, I had feck all outgoings and I was getting turned down for no reason other than being HM Forces. Cnuts.

I got a mortgage no problems though.
The_Rattler said:
ah but could you buy a house with your naafi card
Yes if you bought in Burnley or Aldershot
Back in the 70s-80s if you made direct payments from your military salary it went into a 'Forces Building Society' savings scheme.
You could then make an application to purchase a house and the funds came Not from the 'Allowance' for your local branch but where 'Guaranteed' from the 'Forces Building Society' .
My long term savings where the basis of my present financial position.
I've always had a good credit rating (except with the mess!) yet I've experienced difficulty getting credit sometimes, mainly due to the company being unable to accept miltary addresses. I even tried to purchase a TV once with cash, but couldn't as when attempting to register it, again, a military address would not be accepted.
applied for a loan with alliance and leicester, just before gulf war 2, but because I had a BFPO address, they would not recognise it and I was refused the loan.

also just returned from germany after 8 yrs, applied for a tesco loan but was told I was not on the electoral roll! no probs with my credit rating, have always paid my bank loans off early, but I had to go through my fathers address as most companies refused to recognise BFPO adressess!

applied for a computer and was asked by the checkout lass who my boss was, so i replied tony blair! she then asked for his adresss, so i gave her it!
to my amazement she said it was not a registered adresss.....Priceless!

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