Mortgage / Living out / Marriage / Allowances confusion

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CfnPJ, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Okay this is going to be a huge post with a lot of questions, just an advanced warning.

    I'm looking to get married/have children in the very near future. However i am adamant not to move into a pad on a military estate for many reasons, the main being i want to remain in my hometown close to my own family (same as the girlfriend) and i don't intend on my girlfriends career and jobs being dictated by my postings.

    The way i see it i have two options - Rent privately or buy my own property in the form of a mortgage.

    I was hoping that somebody could provide me with information on both of my options.

    I'll start with renting privately -

    If i was to rent privately (roughly 30 miles from my unit) Am i right in thinking i wouldn't receive any form of allowances? Possibly Home to duty allowance i was thinking (if someone could tell me more about this allowance that would be great) If i was to then have a child with my girlfriend would i still be entitled to no allowances? and then if i was to marry my girlfriend what (if any) allowances would i be entitled to?

    Mortgage -

    I'm aware that I can receive an advance of pay of up to £8500 (I think) in order to go toward a deposit on a house, my knowledge on this is very limited, again if any one can elaborate on this it would be great.

    Upon moving into this house (which i intend on doing before i am married with my pregnant girlfriend) what allowance (again if any) am i entitled to.

    I really don't have a clue about anything I'm entitled to whilst living out, so any information is much appreciated.

    My next topic is about my financial situation once married with children, I've been told that pay increases upon getting married and also upon having a child. This is not the reason I'm getting married/starting a family, i am curious about this as I'm worried my current income wont be sufficient to support a family.

    So if anybody could let me know what happens in terms of income upon marriage and having a child that would be a real help.

    Sorry for such a huge and inquisitive post, I'm really looking to start a family and to get married but all this confusion and lack of knowledge has been playing on my mind a lot.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. You'll get HDT for 21 miles (you pay the first 9 miles). Your name will need to be on the Council Tax and Rent book.

    You won't get the £8.5K LSAP (Long Service Advance Of Pay) unless you've served (I think) 15 years. HDT will be the same as above.

    You will receive nothing extra for being married or having kids (apart from Child Allowance the same as everyone in the UK). If you can't afford kids, don't have them.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Not sure about the 15 years/LSAP rule; you may well still be able to get it regardless, as we're supposed to have moved closer in line with the Navy who used to be able to get it at pretty much any stage (according to matelots I used to work with).

    HDT(Private) - bob on, you'll pay the first 9 miles each way. Note that you'll need to ask permission from your CO to live out in the first place, however, before you do any of this. Some people are old fashioned/trapped in a web of tradition in these matters.

    Have you considered the Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme? Essentially a free loan by the mob to get you on the housing ladder, up to 50% of the purchase price (max £75k). The real stinger is that you can then apply for LSAP to use as your deposit, if you're a typical 'pissed it all against the wall' squaddy. Well worth a look, one of my JNCOs is using the scheme after I dug through the details at my OC's request.

    Then again, there is always the 'helptobuy' scheme if all the money has been allocated for the short several options available to you which would help in not beggaring yourself at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Thanks a lot for the replies, I've looked at the Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme and it seems it's currently just a pilot scheme which ends March next year.

    However this got me looking at other schemes and there is a new government scheme starting Jan 14 that suits my needs perfectly.

    Again thanks for the info my mind is now at rest.
  5. To qualify for LSAP you need to have served 4 years (not 15) ... you will be entitled to HTD private ... you pay a 9 mile personal contribution each way ... there are no extra allowances for being married unless you are serving overseas LOA ... you do not get 'extra pay' for being married or having children ... think thst about covers it ... you could read the JSP 752 ... it gives you all the info you need ...

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