Mortgage Deposit Scheme

Does anyone know anything about the mortgage deposit scheme for the Armed Forces?

I remember seeing a letter at work about it but it has since vanished.

It was along the lines of that you would be "given" help with a deposit to purchase your first home?

Can anyone give me a steer?

Would be interested in this one as I beleive there is a similar scheme for 'key workers', police, teachers, NHS and the like. I may be wrong but if anyone has any info, again, would love to know - thanks in advance.
Dunno about now but when I was on the run up to leaving the army I got an edvance of my gratuity to use as a deposit for a house. And immediately got a tax demand for 25% of it as "unearned income". Twats.
You want the "Joint Service Housing Advice Office" but their website has disappeared with the Army web-pages revamp / cull / removal of all useful information. Also this.

There are links off the latter but they all seem to be broken. It may just be me.

Edited to add: Found them - here. Key Worker Scheme, the old MQ purchase thing now called "MOD Referral" and "Low Cost House Ownership".

Telephone numbers and email address. Plus a load of "related links" that may or may not help.

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