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Hi Im an amputee with war pension, service pension and disability benefits. I also work as a photographer but not yet full time (freelance).
I have poor credit as the credit agencies have not yet ammended debts paid off.
Our rent is high and its impossible to get a council house.
The logical option is a mortgage, but would any lenders accept pensions etc as income to subsidise it?
Anyone know a good lender who could help?
Anyway I could get help with deposit?
Thanks for your help.
PM me mate
Not trying to pry but I take it you lost your limb whilst in the service. Have you sent a letter off to your local MP outlining your plight and also you cant get a council house. Im in no way as bad a situation to your but had been fobbed off with getting on a council waiting list for when I get out in a few years. I got in touch with my home town MP and the council changed there tune once he sent them a letter and said they will put me on a waiting list now with the note to say the date when I need accomodation nearer to the time. Look out for Hitback on the threads who has good up to date info and is always campaigning for equality for ex services into housing.

Sorry not much help but Good luck
If you are having problems with creditors or reference agencies failing to update their records to reflect the correct situation, let me know.
I lost my limb on weekend RnR from NI! No I kid you not!
But, I have PTSD and a 70% warpension plus a service pension.
As a freelance press photographer I know my MPand councillors very well, and regardless of what they think they have to be seen not poking their noses in, which is crap. Letters have been written by them to the housing yet nothing happens.
Im trying to get out of the situation by geting a mortgage but as I only work a few hours each week it's hard to meet the criteria..
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