Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Willie_McBride, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knew ANYTHING about TA mortar courses? There seams to be some debate (at least with out uninformed rabble) wether it is nessary to do the "infantry" promotion courses, ie the Brecon types, or are the MFC/CPO etc ones enough? As spending any more than one two week holiday per year on the TA will result in physical violence from Mrs McBride (ive suffered a lot at her hands recently as a result!) I would rather not spend the next 5 years on courses! Any informed information will be greatfully recieved! Failing that, just make something up! Cheers
  2. Depends what you want. If you want quick promotion then do the Brecon courses, but if you want to progress through the Mortar platoon then you have to go to Warminster. Unfortunately mortar courses only run once a year and you technically need to do MFC, CPO and Mortar section commander to qualify for Sgt. However, if you're already a Full Screw you could probably bypass MFC. That bergen is just too heavy.
  3. That means Jr Brecon AND Mfc?! SHE will not be impressed! Ah the things you go through just to get away from the rifle coy and into the rear!
  4. If you just want to get away from the rifle platoon and aren't fussed about promotion do the mortar numbers cadre and stay on the mortar line as a det commander.
  5. Shhhh, dont really mind plodding about the cuds with a silly bergan, just its unfashonable to be seen to enjoy soldiering!
  6. If you are posted to a Support Platoon then you need to do the relevant course for your rank i.e If your a Sgt

    In Mortars you need to be Section Commander/MFC (depending on role)
    In Signals your need to have done the modern version of the RSI course (Regt Sigs Senior?)

    If you are then posted to rifle pln you can retain your rank for a certain period but should look at doing Senior Brecon soonest (without doing Junior Brecon). Obviously with Mortars/Sigs you have to complete the relevant Cpls course aswell.

    Pity they had to split the Section Commanders course into two, the 3PWO & 5RGJ found the course quite easy but 3 Cheshire and 3 BW always sent sub standard candidates who struggled and so Warminster created the CPO course to help them.
  7. Polar your last paragraph is a bit rambling, but I think its wrong...

  8. Ah 3PWO those where the days.

    As said above it depends what you want to do. If ytou fancy being the CSM or moving over to the rifle PLT you should maybe think of going to brecon, however if you want a career in the Mor Plt dont do it. You will only get spammed to be a inf sect comdr etc if somebody does not turn up for a weekend, thus spending less time training the lads or getting trained yourself in Mortars.

    We dont get enough time to do mortar drills/lessons as it is. Its better to be good at one thing than ok at two.

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    Well how do you do young Willie McBride
    Do you mind if sit down here by your graveside?
  10. I was an OC Mortars once, and was able to promote solely on the basis of the TA mortar courses, either down the mortar line route (CPO) or the MFC route. That worked up to corporal. The question never came up for a sergeant, although the sergeant I promoted also had SCBC in the past, as well as MFC A, and this was important to the Bn board. I couldn't say if it was the clincher or not as, frankly, he was the only worthwhile candidate at that time. Later I did an add-on to regular CATAC called the 'Manoeuver Support Company Commander's Course and it was the SO1's opinion that all support company NCOs should be dual qualified in rifle coy and support weapon - whether recce, Milan, mortar etc. The (few) TA officers on the course stated it would be unworkable and the regulars didn't seem keen either. It wasn't really resolved at the time and there didn't seem to be any hard and fast rule.
    Does that help you? B@ggered if I know.
  11. All very helpful.

    This is a whole new toy for the Bn to play with so lots of uninformed speculation flying about! More than likely will do "proper" infantry courses eventually, but in the short term some qualified mortar ranks are needed to fill out positions!
    While im on here, anyone know what time of year the courses are run? Can easily go into the center and ask psi to find out, but im impatiant like that!
  12. Used to be towards the end of the year when the bad weather starts (and ranges stayed closed). I'll check when I get home
  13. The numbers cadre is generally run in November, I think, but all others (MFC, CPO etc) are in April.
  14. Three things.

    1. Mortars are the senior platoon in any Inf Bn. They provide 70% of the killing power available to an OC and SHOULD BE an invaluable asset to any mature Company Commander.

    2. The only time you will get spammed to be Inf section etc is if you have a very poor turnout by the mortars and the Headshed are too weak to say "No, we are mortars and training / deploying as such." This will, of course, require ExCon actually to plan for mortars....ahem....

    3. If you dont have enough time to do mortar lessons / drills then you should clarify your main effort - is it ti provide BCRs for the Bn or to provide fire support? Any biff can be a BCR, very few can even set up a mortar, let alone use an MFDC / FCA or give an accurate Fire Control Order.

    Better indeed to be good at one thing - provision of organic fire support to the OC / CO...
  15. What is the course structure these days (did mine in Nov/Dec 9?), I've seen someone mentioning numbers cadre being run @ Warminster?