Discussion in 'Infantry' started by keeplowmovefast, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. alright
    Im after some help please. Im a Ammo Tech, im currently producing a project on storage of 60mm mortars in ganners.
    what would be awsome is if i could get any phots of mortar pits or any dits on problems any of you have had.
  2. That's an interesting type of mortar round for UK forces to be using...

    Is that a new UOR or something?
  3. Sure you don't mean 81mm?

    Or 50mm?
  4. Don't spoil my fun with the mongs by telling them!
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  5. A mortar pit for a light role mortar?

    **** off.

    I call mong.
  6. In a pit?
  7. Was I answering you? I think not.
  8. The 60mm mortar has been around for about 3 years, it can also be used in both a light role (with a firing switch/button) or on a bipod and baseplate.

    It also comes with a kit that has a gucci pair of gloves.
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  9. Ask 40 Cdo. I seem to remember them having storage issues with a 60mm Mortar (Long Barrel) on H12...
  10. Used in the hand fired mode; get your fuckin fingers out of the way as quick as you would with a fixed striker when lobbing bomb down hole. The pins can get stuck under certain circumstances (Normally when it's hot or dusty!) launching said bomb straight out wherever you've been able to remove your finger or you have waited for the bomb to take them out of the way.
  11. Check this cracker out for a dit! My mate has just done senior Brecon tactics and one of the instructors who is obviously a complete ******* spastic told the blokes when they were on OBUA phase in the village that a 60mm mortar can be fired from the hip from inside a room!!!! I swear this is no wha!
  12. It has a soft ground and a hard ground baseplate, it can be fired from the side of trees and compound walls horizontally. (Yes, it can be fired from the hip but personally that would be as advisable as using your face as a flash eliminator.)
  13. I can tell you one thing about it.

    It weighs a ******* ton. It's not just a fatter 51mm.