Discussion in 'Infantry' started by contact_wait_out, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Gathered this would be the right place...
    Looking for some info on the mortars both 81mm and 51mm.
    No doubt questions will arise over me asking this, I am on leave atm and am willing to prove my existance as an infanteer and not a journo/terry.

    Edited to say I meant 61mm!
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What sort of info do you require?

    I can tell you that the 81mm mortar fires a round that is approximately 81mm in size also the 51mm mortar fires a round that is approximately 51mm in size. The 51mm mortar is smaller than the 81mm for reasons I will not divulge on a public forum. Also they are both long and tube shaped.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Not trying to sound sarky, but why not wait until you're back from leave and ask someone from the Mortar Platoon? They're not all perverts all the time, you know. Sometimes, they're asleep.
  4. Because after leave Im on a course straightaway.
  5. Or even 60mm?

  6. Even discounting the obvious perversion aspect (mortars after all), is it just me or is there something "strange" about this (en)quiry?

  7. Ssshhh, it's nice fishing weather. ;)
  8. No, I don't think so.

  9. Concidering you're the OP, that is no surprise. [​IMG]
  10. A course involving knowledge of both 51mm and 81mm sounds a bit like a promotion course, in which case I'd advise getting in touch with your unit TW, leave or no.

    I'm surprised they haven't prepared you for it already.
  11. Has he actually asked a question yet????????
  12. There is an awful lot of information on mortars in the public domain...let's not get a c0ckstand about Talib Iqbal's legitimate interest in support weapons. As he says, he has a course when he returns from leave...the Senior Jihadi to Commander of 100 Believers, Thanks to be Allah Course (or "Senior Peshawar" as it is known).


    etc. etc.
  13. Isn't there somebody else called Contact Wait Out on this Forum?
  14. Pansies, real infantrymen use the 84mm mortar! Great fun when firing Illum from a pit; you get to see the backblast send your blazing large pack spiralling into the night ...
  15. Surreal Infanteers use a fish.