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Hi there,

I'm territorial, mobilising for OH14, and I've recently found out that my pid has been changed from rifle to mortars following a recent mortars cadre. What I'm looking for is a bit of information on the role of a mortarman on ops, to find out if this is something I'll enjoy doing, as I've always considered myself a rifleman. I'm worried that I won't get a chance to get out and fire my rifle as often as I'd hoped.

If anybody could shed a bit of light on this it'd be much appreciated. It's hard to look forward to this change of role when I really know nothing about how mortarmen are used on ops.

Many thanks in advance.
As quoted from my old battalion's reggie website:

"The Mortar Fire Controllers (MFC's) work with the Fire Support Teams and along with the mortar sections quickly established ourselves as the most accurate and fastest mortar platoon within Helmand.

The Guardsmen in the platoon also deploy as a 60mm two man team with the forward section or as riflemen, if the companys require, but still manage to maintain full coverage across the whole battlegroup, this proves how versatile the modern day Mortarman is.

Most Mortarmen have fired High Explosive Rounds within the first two weeks of being here, which proves that all the hard work we subjected ourselves to during pre-deployment training was worth the blood, sweat & tears."

As to your quote about hoping to use your rifle in careful what you wish for.
Mate to be blunt, if you are in the mortar platoon there will be very little chance of you deploying on the ground as a rifleman. If you do get to deploy you will probably find yourself located with the CSM's little gathering with the 60mm. This is predominantly for one reason, that being that when the company is on task you will be in the fob rotating between stag's and on the line in case of immediate fire missions. Apart from this, your normal work routine will be more relaxed than that of the rest of the coy. Kit maintance, replenning ammo, HLS taskings for resups, and of course more importantly Op's Bronze/Massive. You will enjoy it...

Hope this helps.
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