Mortar-Zapping Gun Test

Phalanx = R2D2 with a hard-on.

The Goalkeeper seems to look more like Johnny Five out the short circuit films, with self-same arousement.
1) It looks like something out of the computer game Command & Conquor.

2) Can't see it being practical unless attached to a warship.

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy)
SLR, what it looks like is irrelevant surely? Does it work? is a better point to ponder.

If it can be deployed on the ground, let's get it out there. It may be a ship weapon but it seems to be workable on the ground too.

Arently there some phalanxs already deployed on the ground?

Scabster Mooch, like the solution to overcrowding :D it would be hard to steel a car if you can't sit in it!!!!! And definitily humane, they even comforted him when they were untieing him.

I want to be the guy with a big bottle of antiseptic to pour on to the wounds!!!!
I think it is a perfectly good idea for base defence, no problem with ammo or weight limits, just fix on on each corner and let them work away.

I can see the issue with mobile units but no reason why can't they be fixed emplacements.

I apprciate the 'steel rain' thoughts, but I can think of a few things that could reduce the effect through ammo design, although it may effect performance.

Sympathetic_Reaction said:
no problem with ammo or weight limits
Not in the conventional sense. But the "ammunition" it does require would be power. It's either going to suck the base dry of power whilst operating or require it's own dedicated power source. Which will weight something and require refuelling and maintainence.

Instead of 10 mags, you're asking for 10 kW or 10 jerries.
It's a dubious, 50/50 soloution at best. Expectations were high but.......
Surely that would be a bad idea for an anti-mortar solution? Agreed, the Phalanx on a ship is great, but can you imagine that in the centre of Basrah, great, you might knock a few mortars out, but those rounds it fires have to land somewhere.......and there's more than just a couple!
Elevation and explosive rounds that go blooey after a certain time interval takes care of the steel rain problem.
Well they looked and sounded real enough to me 2 months ago.

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