Mortar platoon

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by _madjack_, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. hello all, just asking for some advice on mortars. ive recently joined my battalion and have luckily enough got in to the support company and joined mortar platoon and i was hoping to get some advice on anything to do with mortars be it the do's and dont's , any kit which could help and just any general tips which may come in handy, cheers
  2. Is it a wwaaahhhh?
    I'll bite anyway....
    When you have dropped the pointy thing that looks like a dart built by speshuls into the big smartie tube thingy, its customary to put ones head down.

    Whatever you do, don't look down the hole to see where it has gone!! This can lead to all sorts of headaches for everyone concerned.

    Sorry, i'm bored and have just been subject to a meeting with MOD estates....

  3. Is your battalion 3 PARA? Then for heaven's sake don't call the platoon sgt Deirdre - his "name" is actually Roxy - and if you drop a lumocolour pen, it is lost...
  4. If you're joining 3 Para mortars you might find it advantageous to develop an interest in bum love

    damn beaten by Cuddles.
  5. Don't forget your ear defs when firing on charge 6 8O (or any other charge for that matter!). It hurts. Trust me!
  6. lol nah im not in 3para, im in gren gds, and yes ill prob get bummed there too!
  7. Quite right too, theres such a thing as tradition you know.
  8. For night photography purposes, don't forget to add a little liquid 'je ne sais quoi' down the tube.
  9. What's going on now with the Army don't they teach you anything? Is all new draft training done by online research?
  10. Hmmm, new is you lad. Fit are you? Right, get yewer self off to Mortar Platoon, them is heavy them is like.
  11. Resign your Non Commission on the spot the second you hear some kant say words to the effect that 'Right lads, Himself has decided that all the transport has been fragged/repossesed/hit by EMP/morphed into the 4th dimension. We will now man-pack all this lot to (insert a destination at least 40 squillion miles away) and prepare a mortar line to support blah blah blah...........'

    Other than that - it's a lotta fun!!!!
  12. OK I'll wind my neck in, I've never been a Mortarman - I only served in Rifle Companies so I never had to carry one. Is a tube about the same weight as a Charly G?

    What I was surprised at is madjack's Battalion not doing any induction training for him. When I joined Battalion (also Guards) all new joiners got Induction training especially those who joined the specialist platoons like Mortars and Anti Tanks.
  13. 81mm mortar tube is approx 12 kilos, Charly G weighs in at 16 kilos. The rest of the mortar (baseplate and bipod) weighs about 25 kilos.
  14. Then add on the no 1's bag with C2 sight, marker posts, round removing kit etc another 25 lbs, which he gets to carry along with the base plate...bulky as well as weighty