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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bumpkin1, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. just wanted to know what it's like being on a mortar platoon. Any experiences, opinions etc appreciated. How does it differ from a rifle platoon other than just the weapon!
  2. Best job ever.

    If you re lucky you'll get to be an MFC.
  3. You might be really lucky and get to carry the baseplate
  4. Its the best platoon/troop I've ever been in, don't go for MFC (More Fcuking Corrections) .... Doing Section Commander and loosing your voice every weekend was great fun
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    My father in law was a Chindit. Told me of the delights of carrying a baseplate in Burma!
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Cracking job, and well worth the effort. BB is on the money - go MFC, it is the only way!
  7. Bumpkin

    Where are you looking at joining??

    I'm in a mortar plt, good fun, reccomend it.
    There's always something new to learn.

    Lots of chance to do infantry work also though.
  8. I was an OC Mortars once and thoroughly enjoyed it. The lads did too: it was real skill and it seperated them out from the (as they saw them; although all spt wpns platoons believe it of themselves too, of course) also-rans in the rifle coys. We used to do our own thing on training, and on ex were relatively independent too (obviously live firing FTXs are more constrained).
    Here's a bit more mortaring: using mortars

    have fun (and keep eating the pies) :lol:
  9. 3 PARA Mortar Platoon is supposed to be just the job for a young, pretty boy-soldier. There will always be a more experienced old soldier on your back, mentoring you so to say...
  10. The Mortar Platoon is a platoon that treats it men like men and not kids. I was a Platoon 2i/c and did 17 years in the mortar platoon. The fact that you require to understand the whole mechanics of the system. You will become a Number first on the mortar, then you will progress to the other fields.

    Mortar, 1,2 and 3. These are the lads on the weapon system.

    ACPO, Assistant Command Post Operator, The Radio linkman etc.

    CPO, Command Post Operator, Then keep the computor system and the fire controls up to date, and run the mortar line when the Section Commander is away. Great Job alot of responsibilty.

    Section Commander, In overall charge of the Mortar Line, Works directly to the platoon 2i/c, Carries out recce of alternative mortar lines ammo resups etc.

    B MFC, This is a very hard job, you require to fit and agile and have a good knowledge of field craft skills, This person will be with the point group, he will engage ememy and adjust fire onto them, he will become the anchor op.

    A MFC This is the person in control of his MFC party, he attends all orders and advises the the coy commander on the us of indirect fire, works out the AFB 545 Fire plan (unless there is a FOO party present,then they would do this).

    This is a very broad brush explanation of duties within the mortar platoon. It takes a good couple of years before people become commanders within the platoon.

    If you would like more information please send me a PM and I will send you a better update.

    I aso have a lot of crib cards on mortar knowledge and will be willing to send to any mortar lads that are looking at doing their command course's in the future. I will only send them to a Military Camp. The reasons for this is obvious.

  11. Go Airborne and then you can experience jumping with the various pieces of kit! Emotional but at least you're at the front of the stick!
  12. I was going to join the Mortar platoon in Beverley (EWRR) a few months back.
    But as im local to Beverley I saw those lunatics on the sauce around the town.

    They would all get naked at the pub most wore womens underware, they would wee into a pint and then swap glasses and sample each others urine. I have seen them 'sandwich' girls on the dance floor, the girls where horrified but it did not stop these mad men.

    Once I saw a couple of them being sick in each others faces and laugh.

    They seemed a good bunch on a Tuesady night apart from this swastika that kept appearing and I met a guy they call the Black Bishop, he is ugly as sin and one of the blokes told me his penis is black even though he is white, one scary fellow.

    They where just a bit much for me, in the end I joined the RLC in Hull.

    Hope this helps

  13. Has it changed? I recall CPO being Control Post Operator, likewise ACPO.

    Also recall the CPO being in charge of the Mor line (as SSgt), while the Section Commander (Cpl) commanded his section of 2No Mors, he was No1 on one of them.

    In the 70's, the MFC didn't have to produce an AB 545, but needed to liaise with FOO to incorporate the Mor Fire Plan on his. MFCs were capable of jotting it in a notebook.

    Did I get spammed when I was an MFC? MFC(A) and MFC(B) were an illusion, the same bloke did both. He also recced the alternative Mor lines and RVs with the echelon. There was also a juggling act, advancing with the lead section, attending OGps and rushing back to bring the Rover forward.

    I'd also add to the list that the CPO is the Pln 2i/c, deputising for the Mor Offr and fulfils the role of the Pln's quartermaster.
  14. Puttees
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