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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I spent happy years in the Senior platoon of my Regiment, doing the 81mm thing. It struck me that we spent a good deal of time on courses and had an experienced team, so I've been working out the quals we had, and wondering how it stood in comparison to other ( TA ) mortar platoons.

    Here goes.

    Platoon Commander
    Ex-Reg, last incumbent did not complete his course prior to us folding.

    2i/cs course. B and A MFC. Section Commander. CPO. A and B quals ( IIRC. ) Junior and Senior Brecon, RMQ 1-3.

    A MFC
    B and A MFC. Took CPOs course ( failed, the loon ). Junior Brecon, B3 Assault Pioneer. RMQ 1-3.

    B MFC.
    B and A MFC. Junior Brecon

    Section Commander
    Section Commander. CPO. B MFC. RMQ 1-5, SAA. Junior and Senior Brecon.

    CPO, B MFC, Junior and Senior Brecon. FIBUA Instructor.

    CPO, B MFC, Junior Brecon.

    No. 1 det commander
    CPO ( FCA )

    No. 2 det commander
    CPO ( FCA ), Junior Brecon. 16 stone of Angry Gardener, not the sharpest pencil but one of the biggest.

    No. 3 det commander
    I forget.

    We also worked out that our average service exceeded 12 years.

    Hurrah for us.
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  4. Over what breadth of years are taking your survey or was it based on a specific date?
  5. As at close of play.
  6. Aren't all the mortar courses ran in Warminster now? Wish i'd have joined mortars TBH. Lots more to learn.
  7. They are, FSJ.

    The MFC skills in particular are very useful, as you know well.

    You could always try for what is now known as the "short" Bravo course; two weeks usually for TA but also see some Regs using as beat up training prior to their longer course.

    Give you a reasonable, and usable intro to fire control

  8. Were you/are you any good and against whom do you measure your Platoon for comparison?
  9. The days of Mortar competitions have long gone, so it is hard to give an objective measure of our skills.

    Then again, we had a fairly highly trained platoon with plenty of course passes under the belt, for what they are worth. The introduction of FCA and SPGR did greatly reduce the time taken to acquire targets; pretty much on with the second, maybe third round assuming the mortars where bedded in.

    In Germany a coupe of years ago a SASC bloke did not realise we where TA...
  10. You must be very proud.

    Having leapfrogged from No.2 to MFC (all variants) via ACPO, I managed to accrue Recruits Cadre and Platoon Signaller Cadre (not in that order! :) )as the courses under my belt.

    Still, the nice DS man at one Mortar Concentration remarked that our drills were as good as anybody else there (TA and Regular) and particularly commended me for walking fire precisely up a re-entrant in pursuance of his directions (while simultaneously controlling two mortars on a Fire Plan and another two engaging targets of opportunity).

    Somehow, at that period, courses weren't readily available for the TA, but we did have some very experienced veterans showing us youngsters the ropes. In fact, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them. Thanks, lads.
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