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Mortar Platoon Details for ww2

Hello All,

I am trying to understand how a mortar platoon was made up during ww2, things like:

how many men in a team ( and roles )
how many sections in a platoon
Rank of Team and section commanders
Hierachy of Mortar group
Would Mortar group HQ direct fire or was it down the the sections/platoon comanders

would be the same in an airborne unit ( Glider/Para )

Any help would be gratefully received
Thanks for the link cpl_ripper

Gave me some answers especially as i looking at an Airborne Batt in 1944 ( see that thing had changed since 43 ).

From what I read on the link there was 1 officer and 24 men with 6 tubes in a Platoon, which gives 4 men per tube.

I know from order of battle that a platoon had 3 sections giving 8 men with 2 tubes.

Would still like to know ranks for section commanders as I am unsure if a Sgt was a section commander or a cpl.