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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hicky, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone got some clips/mpegs or can point me to websites go get some 81 clips to include into some lessons?
    Similar to the "band of brothers" part when they attach Foy and employ the mortars to take out the sniper in the building.
    I know there's loads on u tube but I havent a scooby how to extract the vids from the site......anyone know how??
    Many thanks
  2. if you download REALPLAYER or QUICKPLAYER to you computer, then watch a clip on youtube a small tab will appear above the clip with the words 'Download Clip' click that and job done
  3. I watch Youtube through Mozilla Firefox

    there's a site called Keepitvid (google it) =
    that allows you to attach a button to firefox topbar

    when you watch youtube click the button
    a file appears somethink like:
    >>Download link<< (FLV-Flash Video)

    right click on the >>Download Link<<

    Save link As:

    it will default to 'get video'
    delete this and type in name of vid

    ie: Mortar tube Bosnia.flv

    always add .flv (this saves it as a AVI file)

    there you've got it!!

    If that is not complimented enough..
    I downloaded a program called RIVA
    that changes AVI files to MPEGS for easier watching

    All the above is allegedly!

    if you can't be 'Arrsed' with all that (well understand -I'm a bit of a Hackin geek :D )
    then PM me and I'll convert a few files for you and e-mail 'em across for your Lesson
  4. Many thanks......I'll have a go myself at least I know what the feck I'm doing then WC.