Mortar found in N. Belfast.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Couple with two bomb alerts, one in Belfast, one in Armagh. It's getting rather trickier to maintain the notion of "peace".

    A suspected mortar bomb has been discovered close to a police station.

    The device was found close to New Barnsley station in north Belfast on Friday morning.
    Army bomb disposal experts are at the scene off the Ballygomartin Road.
    A number of houses have been evacuated and two schools have been forced to close due to the continuing security alert. Police said they believed the suspect item was a "mortar type device".
    The incident comes after officers intercepted a van carrying mortars and launchers close to a police station in Londonderry earlier this month.
    And last weekend three police officers escaped injury when an explosive device detonated within metres of them as they patrolled a coastal path on the outskirts of Belfast.
    North Belfast Assembly Member William Humphrey said the latest device was found on waste ground near a primary school by a taxi driver at 7am.
    The security alert caused disruption to a funeral cortege. This device, discovered early this morning, has the appearance of a mortar in a launcher tube," said Democratic Unionist Mr Humphrey. It is pointed in the direction of New Barnsley police station, which would appear to have been the intended target."

    He added: "It is utterly appalling and disgusting that terrorists should put lives at risk by preparing such an attack. If this device had been deployed it could have caused indiscriminate slaughter, whether in the police station or among people living in houses on either side.

    "The fact that it was discovered close to two primary schools only adds to their recklessness."

    Suspected mortar bomb discovered -
  2. I quite like Belfast. =-D
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  3. There appears to be lot if these devices being "found" as opposed to being fired/activated/detonated etc.

    I wonder what point they are trying to prove by this, we're still here?
    We all knew that.

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  4. Weapons cache full of cement ?
  5. I considered that. But to go to the trouble of building a viable device, just to leave it there to be found seems pointless and inherently dangerous, for the person to build for no outcome.(Not that I really give an arse about the person building it).

    So, even if you armalites and AKs are concreted over, which I don't believe they are, why build it for nothing?

    It's a strange hand to be playing

    Maybe now that we are returning to "contingency ops" old PIRA/NIRA have decided its fair game to also return .

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  6. Could be a fault in the device, they could have been disturbed and ran before they could set the timer or maybe the bloke setting it up forgot to pull a pin or flick a switch. There are a load of reasons why a device knocked up in a farm shed somewhere and deployed by a bloke with no real training in using it might not work. It is very, very unlikely that they would deliberately leave a working mortar there without trying to fire it.
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  7. Agreed on once instance. But I follow the news over by closely and this isn't the first viable device "found" prior to detonating. It appears there are a lot of mistakes being made, if that's the case.

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  8. There's a multitude of reasons. It'll be for the operator to ascertain, before he makes any manual approach.
  9. You've lost me in that reply Dingerr.

    The AT operator or NIRA(whatever) operator?

    I was rather hoping you'd see this thread. Does it strike you as strange that they are taking the time to build viable devices with the dangers that entails but failing to carry it through?
  10. Perhaps skills fade is hitting the Republicans, too?
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

  12. There's no shortage of them going bang. Unfortunately. In the past six or seven years especially so. A few stations/court houses etc bearing the brunt of "successful" VBIED's in this relatively short time. UVIEDs and mortars also operating as their maker intended. Those that aren't are for a multitude of reasons. I'd hazard a great deal of luck on our part, skills fade on theirs, less access to decent quality explosives/detonators. Just a few reasons perhaps. It certainly feels like they're ramping it up though lately, both the scale and potency.
  13. Begs the question of(and paraphrasing biscuit browns quote) where is it going and what point of tits uppedness do we need to go to before we reach tits up. My belief is its approaching.
  14. The ATO.

    He needs to ascertain the potential target, if there is no target then the ATO or the police could be the target (a come on).

    No, it doesn't surprise me that they are not being successful with these mortars. Imrovised mortars are probably the most difficult terrorists weapons to manufacture and to implement. The current dissidents will not have the same support that PIRA had in its hayday.
  15. Although MARTIN is out of the country,perhaps a phone call was made?