Mortar fire from aircraft

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr Happy, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    As ever the yanks are spending money on bringing death, destruction and generally terrible vengance from above... Hopefully upon red force..



  2. That's amazing. Our mortar bombs alone weigh that. If we were to buy the Yank mortars, think of the firepower we could have in a fireteam.
  3. Puttees, I think it means just the bombs. The way i read it is that the mortar bombs are just dropped. They're not actually fired from a tube.

    If this is the case what a total waste of time and money.
  4. Sort of defies the beaten zone principle of mortars!
  5. What a good idea. :roll:

  6. Yes, because they'll have loads of blinds. Because that little ball won't move out of the way.
  7. The piccy of the UAV is photoshopped - look at the skidmarks.
  8. Will they have to redesign the UAVs?

    Like this:

  9. RCFC doesn't have a setback fuze with little balls. The geeks who fly them do but the fuzes don't 8)
  10. Thats fine as long as the siren works as well!!!
  11. Agreed, but did you read the whole of the article above?

    I think the 81mm mortar would be ideal for the task at hand, and if it can work then why not?

    It has a good blast radius (200m effective range) and what better to drop on a machine gun position or similar, for the cost?

    It'll certainly do the job in terms of damage.
  12. :? Is it a very big 81mm mortar bomb?
  13. Well I stand to be corrected, but if my memory serves me correctly the damage radius is 200m? Shrapnel flies!
  14. I'm sure it's not that hard to make an 81 HE guided. Presume the aircraft would self designate if it was laser guided?

    How many of these little UAVs do the yanks have? I'd still rather smash a tgt with a good solid 10 RFFE!!!!
  15. lethal radius 40m.