Mortar computers. restricted or can anyone have one?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. I thought I'd asked this before but I can't find it now. Anyway there is still a mortar computer for sale on ebay. Aren't these restricted?


    I didn't put this in the ebay thread because it seemed a bit more important.

  2. Don't know about the legalities of selling them, but this brings back memories of my first job which was programming these. They are just a HP scientific calculator with some custom EEPROMs in the back. The actual ROMs contain some clever algorithms to work out trajectory which were based on classified mortar test fire data but I don't think you could gain any useful information from just the computer itself.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking that one of the TaliBrummies might buy it for his mortar section mates in Talibanistan. We can do without making their job any easier.
  4. Mate,

    When I was attached to 1st Bn Coldm Gds I was forever away with their Mortar Plt.

    They were forever trying to blow $hit up with bombs and tubes but never quite got it right, I would worry about the flash calculator as if the best of the best could'nt make it work I dont think any other bugger would.

    "Up and at 'em"
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it STAB.

    SIB watch ebay anyway, so I'm sure if there was a big problem, they would pick it up.

    Secondly, the data will only be useful if the user is has British kit with British ammo, and a number of other factors are taken into consideration.

    Third, like so many other things involving IT, AFDC & FACE and the like were a ruggedised solution from the 70's and 80's. There are off-the-shelf solutions that make this sort of thing obsolete, which are freely available.