Mortar carrying straps / slings

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.... Been using an old sas/[ara bergen for years and have seen modified shoulder straps for it... they were 81mm Mortar slings modified to attach tot he frame.

    Does anyone know where i can get hold of 2 of these slings? Or even better does anyone happened to have a couple?

    Also is anyone selling one of those dragon supplies DPM airborne bergens and what are they like?

    Thanks chaps :D
  2. Anchor supplies of Ripley, Derbyshire have skips full of slings from the old pack frames. These are good general purpose broad padded straps with 25mm webbing and proper metal buckles. I've made a biathlon rifle sling out of some. Give them a call and buy half a dozen, you won't be disappointed.

    Cost is negligible.

    Other than that, why don't you buy a modern Bergan? ;)
  3. Thanks mate...

    Not after the normal issue straps that go with the frames... cheese wire!

    Damaged my back on a para drop, the framed bergen is comfortable for me.

  4. The straps I have in mind aren't cheese wire by any means. The shoulder portion is about 2 1/2 " wide and 3/8" thick sewed onto 1" webbing. They're as padded as a modern Bergan shoulder strap.

    Phone them and order some - they'll be about 50p each so what have you got to lose?

    If I had a digital camera I'd post a picture.
  5. I can sell you 4 magazines for the 81m mortar if you like.

    (I'll get me coat...)
  6. Yeah cheers dwarf... make it 6 and i'll swap em for hens teeth.

    Ex STAB...have you got a number for that place with the straps?
  7. Try here:

    Bear in mind that the staff might not know what you mean. I might be going past there tomorrow, if I get the chance I'll pick up a handful and post you a couple. Can't say fairer than that! (No guarantees mind, I'm sure you'll understand.)

  8. Thanks very much mate... very kind of you.
  9. Check these out fella. these are the straps for the man pack frame and the lumber pad. I've got these on my para bergen and its magic.

    PS they are twice as wide and three times as thick, better than plce bergen. Will take a piccie if you want.
  10. Mega thanks very much mate. Pic would be good too.
  11. Here you go, I put the rubbish old strap on for compariosn. I bought 3 of the lumber pads. Best money I ever spent.

    Attached Files:

  12. Mega thanks mate.
  13. Dont suppose anyone out there has got the actual bergen for sale... Been looking at mine and i think its had a good life but time to gracefully bow out.
  14. I dropped by there today and picked up a couple of straps. The only ones they had look more like the thin one on the right in the picture above. They've been left outside so I had to pick through quite a lot to find a pair that didn't have very rusty buckles. Still a couple of rust spots mind. They were only 50p so if they're no use to you don't worry. It wasn't far out of my way to fetch them.
    If you'd like them, PM me a postal address and I'll stick
    them in the post to you.

    All the best,

    Ex STAB.
  15. got my old para bergan at work been wondering what to do with it,could sell it on to someone who could give it a home at a good price.Its in very good nick only slight tear on the snow lock bit.Could send it via military freight for nothing :) (i have contacts) providing you in military/know someone who is.Only prob going away on ops on mon till aug :( .But if you interested PM me and we could sort something out.